Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why I Hate Boston College Part 1

I worked today and no one shops on Newbury Street in November so it left me alot of time to think. My parents should stop reading here and assume I was thinking of my studies. Let's get real it's BC week. I hate those choir boys with a passion. They walk around like the arrogant fucks that they are. They think God is on their side or that is what the priest told them all before he continued "Religion class"(read: inappropriate touching). So without further wait. The first 11 of many reasons why BC sucks. I'll probably keep this going everyday and see how many I can get up to. Feel free to add more in the comments section of this post.
1. They call themselves Boston College and are actually in Newton. Fuck this. Don't give the great city of Boston a bad name you pompous fucks.
2. They take up a spot in the Beanpot meant for Boston schools. Denver has as much of a right to plan in the beanpot as you. Let's start the UMASS-Boston rally to get them in.
3. They are arrogant fucks. Whenever this weekend you begin to think someone crossed the line with a chant just remember they think they're better than you.
4. Their priest touched them as little children. That's why they go to catholic school.
5. Jerry York wears sweaters to hockey games. Maybe they are sweater vests. Either way they are fucking stupid. You're not playing 18 holes York. That will be in April while we re bring home #6.
6. Ole' Muse you're gay!- Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.
7. Their fans are superfrauds! They only go to games on national TV or when the teams are good. Fucking bandwagoners.
8. Bald Eagles almost went extinct. You ever hear about Terriers almost going extinct? Exactly, because Terriers are fucking awesome and man's best friend. You know any eagles who are a man's best friend?
9. Their AD is a fucking idiot. - He thinks every coach ever should want to coach there and never want to leave until they are fired.
10. They drink,they drive, they run away and hide. Poor green line gets blame for Bc kids deciding to go for joy drunk rides in the T tracks then blames the MBTA driver. I don't know the driver but they should light the school on fire.
11. They pay taxes as if they are in Newton(which they are) but claim Boston in their title. Cheap bastards need to pay or change the name to Newton College.

-I got plenty more where that came from but I will save some for my fellow bloggers and readers who are bored enough to comment on this


  1. 12. A continuation of number 7 - any dumbass snotnosed kid who visits Boston with Daddy once a year will pick up a BC shirt and think they're the hot shit. FUCK the bandwagon. Support a real team, you little shits

  2. 1) We were founded in Boston's South end and were there for 40 years. When we realized that the center of a city was no place for a respectable institution, we moved to the edge of the city where we could have a campus. It was your school that was founded in Newbury, Vermont...

    2) Our Hockey rink is in the CIty of Boston, as is half of our campus... Do you see any flaws in your argument, or is that just me? (Harvard)

    3) Chant whatever you like, we think your inferiority complex is endearing.

    4) Did I mention that you were founded in Newbury Vermont as the Newbury Biblical Institute?

    5) Jerry York wears sweaters to hockey games. I guess we just disagree on this one...

    6) Alright, I'll admit, John Muse is one of the uglier people that you may find on any given day... However, his 2 national championships help him get whoever he wants.

    7) Our student section is twice the size of yours, and there is never an empty seat at any football game which admittedly is our main sport.

    8) When you can show me a form of legal currancy with a terrier on it I will concede this one to you.

    9) Here is where we can agree. Any BC fan (superfraud or diehard) knows that he is an absolute moron. But he isn't nearly as crazy as John Silber was, and at least he has never run our whole university.

    10) correction, they drink, they find a sober designated driver and get hit by a T driver breaking the law.

    11) You need to pick which argument you would like to use. Either we need to change our name (did I mention we are still mostly in Boston?) or we need to pay up (we are a nonprofit that contributes nearly 9.5 million to programs within the boston school system.

    Well its been fun. I'll see you all on Friday and Saturday.

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