Thursday, June 30, 2016

BU dominates NHL draft

When Boston University had four draft picks go in the first 50 picks in last year's NHL draft, fans across the country were left impressed by David Quinn and Co.'s recruiting. The 2016 draft left them in shock, awe, and fear of the amount of talent aligning on the same team on Comm. Ave for this coming season. Four BU Terriers were taken in the first 20 picks with the 5th coming off the board at 45 overall to top last year's mark of four picks in the top 50.

Those 5 draft picks along with Patrick Harper going in the 5th round leaves BU with 11 draft picks for the coming season including 6 defensemen. The tough part of setting a lineup for Quinn will be deciding where to play his 5 drafted forwards to mix with the experience and talent of the rest of the roster. Forwards such as Ryan Cloonan, Oskar Andren, Nik Olsson and others return to bring valuable experience and #grit to the lineup.

A way too early look at what next year's lineup could look like on opening night at Colgate


Krys- Macleod/Diffley


Thursday, June 23, 2016

NHL Draft Preview

The best offseason weekend of the year in college/professional hockey is approaching with the NHL draft taking place this Friday and Saturday in Buffalo, NY.  BU will likely have four first round picks in this year's draft with 1-3 others taken in later rounds. The four first round draft picks will be sure to be the buzz of the draft as it will most likely be the most from any NCAA or CHL team and because #BUtwitter is going to be lit. London and Winsdor(back off Keller please) each look like they could have 2-3 guys go in the first as well but nobody will touch the 4 BU is going to have and no other college program will have more than one. The job Quinn has done on the recruiting trail over the last three years has been unreal to say the least. Friday night is a night to enjoy it and make fun of all the other peasant college and junior teams with less than 4 first round picks(hint that's all of them).

Projected Draft Rankings
1. Clayton Keller- Top 10
2. Kieffer Bellows- Top 15
3. Charlie McAvoy- Top 15
4. Dante Fabbro- First round
5. Chad Krys- 2-3 round
6. Johnny McDermott- 4-7th round

Here are a few mock drafts(TSN- Craig Button, Draftsite) so people know what to expect Friday night.  Official DrunkCast Drinking Game rules after the jump!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Boston University is the place to be for a NHL draftpick

We are now in the middle of the slowest time of year for college hockey in terms of games played but it is the most important time of year for most of the high profile programs. Many of the top recruits in the country are choosing between colleges where they have committed(probably BU if they are a top recruit) and signed National Letters of Intent and the Canadian Hockey League. This is especially true for BU this year as they will have 4-5 first round draft picks in the coming 2016 NHL draft. These high draft picks are always the most highly sought after by the Canadian hockey league who recruit the players by saying whatever they need to say to convince the players to come north. A CHL GM job requirements are the exact same as a used car salesman as they will say and do anything to get a player on their team.

This will especially be true this year with soon to be BU freshman Clayton Keller who is also drafted by the Winsdor Spitfires who are the host of the Memorial Cup next season. Their GM/snake oil salesman has said that Keller is the team's " top priority. He is the team's best player". To translate this from CHL it means he is going to throw the kitchen sink and probably some under the table cash at Keller to try to get him to go north. Things seem bound to really heat up once Keller and classmates Kieffer Bellows and Dante Fabbro are drafted next month as certain teams teams located in Canada or run by idiots favor the CHL historically over the NCAA while other franchises such Florida, NJ, etc seem more prone to allow the players to develop in the NCAA. Keller is a smaller forward who will definitely excel and succeed in either league he chooses. The question for Keller or lack there of will be where he wants to do that. Obviously I have no idea what is going through Keller's head or how much devalued Canadian money is being dropped on his doorstep this summer. The decision really comes down to that Keller can go to BU and play with 9 top 3 round NHL draft picks(5 being his classmates) and work out with a former NHL strength and conditioning coach to get stronger which he will need as a smaller sized forward or he can go play a full 80 game schedule while tooling on 16 year old defensemen. He will definitely score more points in the CHL but will he be more ready for the NHL when he chooses to make that jump than he would coming from BU? Probably not. Also, the Winsdor Star wrote the above mentioned article basically begging him to come to Windsor quoting his friend Logan Brown and detailing how he has been trying to recruit Keller. Keller is not quoted in the article but there is a clearly a big push coming from all different parts of Windsor to get him. We did not reach out to Keller for this blog post because we aren't slimy Canadians.

 The same can be said for Bellows who has idiotic Portland fans writing open letters to him to be more like his dad. Kieffer Bellows isn't his dad. He is going to end up a very good NHL player like his dad regardless of which way he goes. He doesn't have to make the same exact decisions as him. This is like saying that you should work at McDonalds because your parents did and they turned out to be the CEO later in their career even if you have the chance to join a company as a VP right out of school. The WHL does not represent more of a challenge for Bellows. He will be challenged and allowed to develop more physically in NCAA with less games and more time working out. The dumb fan makes the point that Bellows dad did win a Memorial Cup which is cool but is it really more impressive or fulfilling than a NCAA championship to an American? I get the Memorial Cup is a big deal in Canada but it might as well be a cereal bowl south of the border. Bellows and Keller, who were linemates with the U-18's this year definitely will be given top 6 minutes at BU next year and play in every situation similar to Jack Eichel(may have heard of him) did his only year on Comm Ave. Eichel just played in 81 of his team's 82 games scoring 56 points in his rookie year as a 19 year old.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Senior Series Post #6 Matt Grzelcyk

This is post #4 in the Senior Series. You can find the first three posts here. (Danny O'Regan, Matt Lane,Ahti OksanenSean Maguire, and Mike Moran)

Senior Captain Matt Grzelcyk was the one of the few two year BU captain in history joining the likes of Jack O'Callahan in the late 1970's. Grzelcyk, like O'Callahan, was a local kid who grew up playing Charlestown just a few miles from Boston University and seemed to enjoy every second of playing at the school from a fan's perspective and from everything he has said to the media the last four years.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Senior Series Post #5 Danny O'Regan

This is post #5 in the Senior Series. You can find the first four posts here(Matt LaneAhti OksanenSean Maguire, and Mike Moran)

Danny O'Regan was one of the most consistent and prolific scorers in BU Hockey History. O'Regan put 154 points on the scoreboard during his collegiate career including atleast 10 goals in each of his four seasons. Every year, members of the media would have reasons why O'Regan wouldn't succeed or wasn't as good as his numbers indicated. He was a freshman forward coming right out of HS without much international experience during his first year on Comm Ave. His sophomore year people were asking if he could carry an offense without Matt Nieto on his opposite wing. His junior year was people questioning his development because his point production decreased from freshman to sophomore year. This past season I think Danny O'Regan was referred to a "passenger" in reference to playing with Jack Eichel last year the most times ever for a first team HE all star and the MVP of BU hockey for a season. O'Regan proved these people wrong time in and time out as he continually produced goals especially in crucial moments. From the two goals vs BC in the HE semis vs BC in his freshman year to the GWG in the NCAA first round OT win over Yale last season, O'Regan was always sniffing around the net looking for a goal whether it was pretty or not.