Friday, November 29, 2013

HE Pick Em

GW 61-43
FM  46-36
QQ  50-54
MWW 46-58
HS  21-31

Friday 11/29

Holy Cross @ BC
QQ- BC 5-3 - BC sucks but not this bad

Western Michigan vs NU(Shillelagh Tournament-South Bend,IN)
QQ- WMU 4-3- NU sucks when they're not playing the Merrimacks and Atlantic hockey teams of the world

Maine @ UVM
QQ-UVM 4-3- Maine is winless on the road for a reason and the Gutt is no easy place to play

Alabama Huntsville @ Notre Dame
QQ- ND 5-1- ND will have some frustration built up from their weekend in Lowell

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Post about Red Hot Hockey from Powerplay with CJ

Editor's Note: We would like to thank CJ for writing this piece for us. It is better than anything we could have written about Red Hot Hockey for sure.

What’s up everyone, it’s CJ from the world renowned Power Play with CJ guest blogging at one of the finest hockey media outlets in the world this week! After a solid 3 point weekend against the Fighting Sioux  University of North Dakota, the Terriers are taking their talents to the “World’ Most Famous Arena” (Haven’t New Yorkers ever heard of the Roman Coliseum?) to faceoff against former ECAC rival Cornell (Yes, the “Big Red”, not the big “Big Head”, that’s BC fans in a nutshell). As someone who has attended two of the first three installations of “Red Hot Hockey” and will be there Saturday I will say this it is worth travelling to as the combination of high end, high octane hockey and the NYC/MSG vibe makes it a one of a kind experience. Not to toot my own horn, but at the 07 and 09 BU/Cornell showdowns I saw current NHLers Colin Wilson, Ben Scrivens, Kevin Shattenkirk, Nick Bonino Colin Greening, and Erik  Gryba to name a few. To lay it out bluntly if you like future NHL players, large metropolitan areas and the color red MSG the Saturday after Thanksgiving every odd numbered year, is the place to be. 
This year the big matchup will be between Terriers' captain, defenseman and all around great American Garrett Noonan and Cornell winger/ Bruins prospect Brian Ferlin in what can most aptly be described the “Power Play with CJ Faceoff”. Both players are lifelong Power Play fans and will be trying to one up the other with myself in attendance, it’s only human nature. On a (slightly) more serious note both players have been playing amazing hockey and having the best two years of the respective  collegiate careers, if Quinny’s crew wants to shutdown the Jacksonville, FL native (6-6-12 in 10 games) it’ll behoove them to ensure he sees plenty of the former CM Knight Noonan(3-8-11 in 13 games) shift in and shift out.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BSRS Weekly Awards 11/26

Another Week of Awesome Awards. Enjoy.

Greg Jennings Award-given to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM)

Winner- Matt O'Connor,G- OC stole the show this weekend making 92 saves on 96 shots and frustrating Sioux of North Dakota all weekend long. This was the first time this year that Coach Quinn has broken the goalie rotation and O'Connor rewarded him with two great performances. You would expect Quinn to ride OC as the hot hand to see what kind of run the Terriers can get on for the final 4 games of the first semester. His play along with the sweet stache that he is rocking currently made his choice a no-brainer.

Joe Pereira Trophy Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Garrett Noonan- Noonan not only produced on the scoresheet with a goal and two assists over the weekend. He also was the emotional leader for the Terriers as he stood up to the goons from North Dakota without taking any stupid penalties. At one point Saturday night, he had ongoing battles with Luke Johnson, Drake Caggiula, and Stephane Pattyn. Noonan leads the team in points and knows the time and place to stick up for himself and his teammates.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Recap- Terriers win,tie vs North Dakota


The Terriers welcomed the North Dakota {Redacted}  this weekend to Agganis Arena  for a pair of nonleague games and came out with a win and a tie. The Terriers were lead by sophomore goalie Matt O'Connor who made 92 saves on 96 shots over the weekend. Friday night he made 37 saves on 38 shots as he frustrated North Dakota all night long. BU got on the board in the first period off of a 2 on 1 rush where Cason Hohmann froze the lone defender and NoDak goalie Clarke Saunders before ripping a wrister low short-side. Hohmann, who is typically a pass-first guy, used that to his advantage as everyone in the rink though he was going to try to feed O'Regan who was flying to the far post. BU would make it 2-0 before the end of the first on a greasy ,power-play  O'Regan goal that just got tucked in the near post off a deflected pass from Noonan. BU had a goal called back early in the second as it was ruled that Mike Moran tipped the Doyle Somerby wrister with a high stick. I honestly couldn't tell if he did or didn't but there certainly didn't seem like there was enough evidence there to overturn it but the refs, Benedetto and Miller, disagreed with me.

Friday, November 22, 2013

[Updated] Getting to Know Boston: NoDak Edition

[Updated at ~8pm, after I got home from work. -HatTrick Swayze]

Here at BSRS we consider it a priority to foster healthy, friendly relationships with the fanbases of the Terriers' opponents based upon mutual respect and a love of hockey. Even when those fans come from North Dakota, or are Nazis, or bigoted alcoholics averaging three to five intelligent thoughts per month...or all of the above. I feel bad for the kids in NoDak. Nobody likes them. Nobody cares about them. And it's not a new phenomenon...

So here we are, with NoDak weekend finally upon us. And every sports fan knows, from the pinko commie east coast flatlanders to the Obama-loving no-balls blue-staters on the West coast, that no college hockey team in the nation travels better or fosters more bigotry than the North Dakota Flickertails Sioux Fighting Sioux *ahem*...Than the players formerly known as the Sioux. When they leave Boston on the bus ride home they'll have been thrashed and snailtrailed in such degrading fashion, they'll have to purify themselves in the waters of Devils Lake. But that won't stop BSRS from trying to be hospitable nonetheless. 

GW and I thought it would be a good idea to help out our Highland visitors by providing them with a quick little guide to visiting Boston this weekend, including the things they can expect to see while they're here. So let's get started.

HE Pick Em

1. FM 42-27(.609)
2. GW 54-37 (.593)
3. QQ 44-47  (.484)
4.  MWW 41-50 (.451)
5. HS 16-23 (.410)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

North Dakota,BU Preview- 1,698 miles apart, 0 love lost

It will be 383 days between contests involving the North Dakota Fighting Sioux and Boston University Terriers when the puck is dropped 7:40 Friday night in Agganis Arena. Both teams have lost high end scorers from last season (Danny Kristo- UND, Matt Nieto-BU) and the stats thus far this year are eerily similar between the clubs. Add that to the fact that the fans don't like each other and you have one hell of a weekend series in the middle of November.
                              Grimaldi taking a dive(Jesus wouldn't approve of this) - Photo Credit to USCHO
                                                                                  * Please don't Sioux us

Twitter wars have become common the last two years as you can see last year's domination by BU fans here and this year's domination thus far here. The war continues as UND fans drop to new levels of stupidity with every single tweet. I will never understand why Boston being the location for the Boston Tea Party is an insult but it is in North Dakota. I guess they just don't believe in American values which is why they had their hockey rink funded by a Nazi sympathiser.

Premature 2014 World Cup Drawing: Part 2

World Cup Qualifying (WCQ) ended last night with Uruguay bumrushing Jordan and securing the last spot in the FIFA World Cup. As I mentioned in my last WCQ post, I ran a generator and picked 3 possible World Cup groups for USMNT. This time I will do it again knowing that all the spots are secured. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Movember and BU Hockey

We got contacted by some of the guys involved with this year's Movember campaign at BU to help promote their cause, which we are obviously happy to do. Their team this year includes members of the club inline, club ice, and varsity men's hockey teams at BU. The participants help promote awareness by growing a beard/mustache for the entire month of November. That is why there are so many beauties sporting the facial hair this month on campus. Not only do the ladies love it, but it's for a good cause as well. You can click on the link above to donate directly to the team.

There are 28 total participants making up their team with the goal of raising $2,000-3,000 for the cause this year. Those 28 participants include 13 from club line, 4 from club ice, and 11 from the varsity team. The past two years the club line team has raised over $1,000 on their own and came close to raising $1,500 last year. They obviously want to set a new record this year as all of the money goes to the Movember charity. Hockey players throughout college hockey and the NHL are contributing to the cause as well.

BSRS Weekly Awards- 11/19

You know your weekly awards are good when they start to sneak into actual journalist's articles. We won't name any names but you know who you are using our Denny Green award...

The Greg Jennings Award-given to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM)

Winner- Danny O'Regan, F- O'Regan had the highlight goal of the weekend to get BU on the board early against UConn. He made his way through 3 Huskies on the way to tucking the puck past goaltender Matt Grogan and moved into the celebration seamlessly. Nick Roberto, Kevin Duane and Matt Grzelcyk all put in good efforts the GJ but the celly puts O'Regan a step ahead.

The Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Kevin"Know your role" Duane (Nickname credit to @BurntBoats)- Duane is a back to back winner of the Joey P now after his performance this weekend. Duane logged solid minutes on the third line with Mike Moran and Dillon Lawrence as they played solid all night and were given more ice time because of this. They cycled the puck great every shift of the first period and continued it throughout the night. Duane also was a force on the powerplay as he is a big body in front of the net who knows who to take hits and use his stick to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. This resulted in a powerplay goal off of a Grzelcyk shot late in the second period Sunday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

BU Recruiting Update: Fall 2013

Future Terrier Jack Eichel

While the 2013-14 BU Terriers are only about a third into their season, it is never too early to start looking towards the future. With that in mind, here's a quick update on all of BU's current recruits, featuring Jack Eichel, Chase Phelps, Johnathan MacLeod and more. Read on to catch up with these future Terriers...

Weekend Recap- BU takes care of business against UConn

BU played at Maine Friday night. They lost. End of Maine recap.

 No members of BSRS were in attendance for this one because we are saving our vacation days for Philly in April. The last game no member of BSRS attended was last year at Denver(6-1 loss) basically we can't miss anymore games ever. This loss falls on us. Feel free to destroy us in the comment section.

On Sunday, UConn faced BU for the first time ever. BU played well for the first 40 minutes to jump out to a 3-0 lead through 2 and held on for a 4-1 win. With the win, BU improves to 5-6-0 on the year.  The first period went scoreless but BU dictated the pace of play after goalie Matt O'Connor made a few huge saves early in the game. They also out shot UConn 17-8 in the first which Coach Quinn has to be happy with with after a few weeks of stressing more of a shooter's mentality.

Friday, November 15, 2013

4 Songs I've Been Listening To As Of Late

Bored today. Decided to share some tunes I have been into lately. Haven't really written one in awhile so I'll set up a few songs I enjoy. I usually bookmark them on Pandora.

Puppets- Atmosphere

Solid beat and enjoyed the lyrics.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekend Preview: The Wheels on Your House... and UConn

Why Maine sucks besides their very average 4-4-1 record ...
1. The sophomore class is -12 despite the whole team being +2. Ben Hutton, Devin Shore, Steven Swavely,Ryan Lomberg,  Bill Norman, Will Merchant, and Kyle Williams.  They are the definition of a sophomore slump as a class. That's not a good recipe for success when your largest class is also playing the worst.

2. Their fans are trashy- The fact that their student section holds a ref doll from a noose is really all you need to know. The chirps aren't limited to the students either as fans of all ages show their class or lack there of as soon as you walk into the rink.

Hockey East Pick Em

FM 33-23(.589)*
GW 45-33(.577)*
QQ- 37-41 (.475)
MWW 35-43 (.449)
HS 9-17(.346)

*Represents traitors to their country for picking BC over Army last weekend

Thursday 11/14

BC @ UMass
QQ- UMass 8-0- I am all about operation 8K at Mullins!
FM-  BC 6-1
MWW- BC 4-1- UMass stole a point at home last year but BC is so great this year #sarcasm (Editor's note: BC sucks)
GW- BC 4-2
HTS - BC 4-1- I guess we've dropped the whole loyalty factor in the BC picks.

Lowell @ Penn State
QQ- Lowell 3-2- Lowell isn't playing well right now but I think they squeak the first one out in Happy Valley
FM- Lowell 4-0
MWW- PSU 5-4- Pedo St. for life
GW- Lowell 3-1
HTS - Lowell 4-2 - LoL has a comeback game, looks against PSU like they did last year.

Friday 11/15

UMass @ BC
QQ- BC 6-1- UMass never wins in Conte or really anywhere this year besides Mullins but that's besides the point.
FM- BC 7-2
MWW- BC 3-0- #ForTheShirt
GW- BC 3-1
HTS - BC 5-1 - I still don't feel comfortable with this trend.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guest Post from @BurntBoats- In response to his twitter war with the classy North Dakota faithful

It’s been a BUSy week in North Dakota

@BurntBoats (or BurndtBoats for the ND fans that can’t spell) here, and before I get started I would like to thank BSRS for allowing me this guest post, as a tweet string would have been so woefully insufficient for this. Last year, BSRS had one of their best posts of all time during the North Dakota weekend about the absurd reactions UND fans had to tweets about their team, unfortunately (fortunately?) I forgot about this when I sent what I thought was an innocuous tweet in response to:

Parsing other tweets UND’s timeline for the day seems to have roughly been:
3pm: Leave for UNO’s rink
5pm-7:30pm: Play game
7:30pm-4:30am: Press conference, shower, get in bus and leave Omaha for Grand Forks
So at 4:30am the players are still not in their dorms, have been out of their hotel rooms for 15 hours, and have been on a bus (some puking) for roughly 8 hours.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BSRS Weekly Awards 11/12

It was a rough weekend for Terrier fans but we all survived and it's time to entertain you by making fun of the rest of the conference. We take some responsibility for the loss Friday just like Coach Quinn did. We have to blog better, chirp better. Sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and admit that you weren't offensive enough on Internet the last week.

The Greg Jennings Award:  given to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM)

Winner- Nick Roberto, F- There are weeks when it's easy to pick the GJA and other weeks when it's real tough. This is one of the tough weeks but we have to go with Roberto for scoring a goal in his first career game against BC. That is one way to win us over quickly as big fans. 

The Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Kevin Duane,F-Duane may not be the fastest guy on the ice but he worked his tail off to fight for position in front of the BC net on numerous ocassions and seems to have found his role on the power play as the net front guy. He is playing the role Ryan Santana played so well last season except he is bigger so he is an even better fit for the role. Duane has a great stick and wins more 1x1 battles than he loses.

The Buddy Powers Award- given to the best BU coach of the weekend

Winner-Steve Greeley- While there wasn't much to be happy with on the ice this week, Greeley certainly can't be mad at the recruiting record that he is quickly tallying up. BU picked up two top 30 uncommitted prospects for 2015 last week. Every other school might as well give up if there is a guy out there that Greeley and Quinn want because they're just going to go get him. The two recruits were forward Maxim Letunov and defenseman Vasili Kolias. Both are scheduled to arrive in BU for the 2015 season. 
UPDATE: He picked up Chase Phelps for 2014 this week as well.

Friday, November 8, 2013

HE Pick Em


GW-36-29 (.554)
FM 23-23(.500)
QQ 30-35(.462)
MWW 29-36(.446)
HS 6-12(.333)

Friday 11/8 

PC @ Merrimack
QQ- PC 3-0- Merrimack hasn't impressed me thus far. PC should be good enough to sweep them.
GW- PC 3-1
MWW- PC 3-1- Providence is just the better team
FM- PC 5-0

UVM @ Maine
QQ- Maine 4-3- UVM impressed me almost sweeping ND last weekend but going into Alfond is a tough task
GW- UVM 4-3
MWW- UVM 4-3- Taking UVM on the road because why not. They played well last weekend against a quality team
FM- Maine 3-1

Thursday, November 7, 2013


                                -Photo credit to my iphone/tweet credit to starting BC goalie Thatcher Demko

The 2013 Edition of the Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boston College

Another year. Another list of reasons why BC sucks, memes included.

1. BC is in Newton, not Boston contrary to popular belief. Boston College is a University and also located in Newton. You don't have to lie about it anymore. Everyone knows. Just change your name to Newton University and move on.

2. BC hockey might as well be the swim and dive team. Lead by their midget forward Johnny Gaudreau, the BC forwards flop to the ice at the slightest sign of contact in hope of drawing a penalty. Unfortunately, the Hockey East refs usually bite which only encourages the despicable behavior taught by York & Co.


RE: York's Comments on Sportsmanship in the Stands

So, I was relaxing in my flippity floppity floop this morning when BIAS SCOTT retweeted out an article about good ole Jerry York.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meme Monday/Wednesday: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Welcome back to everybody's favorite BSRS series - meme mondays! We've been lazy about it thus far this year, so this is our first installment of the 2013-14 season. Continuing on the laziness trend, we ran into some trouble creating new memes (thanks a lot Obama) and as such we decided to recycle some good memes from last year. Enjoy, Go BU, and BC Sucks!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BS(R)S Weekly Awards 11/5

Another week. Another set of awards. Enjoy.

The Greg Jennings Awardgiven to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM)

Winner- Danny O'Regan, F- O'Regan put the team on his back this season when they needed him most. With the Terriers trailing 3-2 to PC Friday night, O'Regan told the rest of the team to jump on for the ride because they had a hockey game to win. O'Regan potted the game-tying(on a sweet pass from Baillargeon) and game winning goals on PC sieve Jon Gillies. 

The Joe Pereira Trophy--given to the Terrier who through grit, hard work and determination helps the team to victory both on and off the scoresheet.  Just like Joey did it(Interview with Joe Pereira)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap-BU splits with PC

                                                              Photo credit to my iphone

It's officially BC week so this won't be a long recap. The BU Terriers fought hard to manage a split with the previously #3 ranked Providence College Friars. The Terriers put themselves in an early hole Friday night, giving up 3 first period goals from complete defensive breakdowns in front of Matt O'Connor. Then something changed and they came out flying for the rest of the game while not taking a penalty. The Terriers got goals from Sam Kurker and Matt Lane to get within one goal of PC. Sophomore Danny O'Regan scored the tying and game-winning goals for the Terriers. The sophomore class lead the way as they scored all 4 goals and got the win in net for the Terriers. PC had a late surge but O'Connor stood tall in net for the Terriers as they held on 4-3 and improved to 4-1-0 at Agganis Arena this year.

Friday, November 1, 2013

PC Preview- I'm sick and tired of hearing how good the Friars are

The #19 Terriers come into this weekend facing one of the hottest teams in college hockey in the #3 Providence College Friars. The undefeated Friars have caught everyone's attention throughout the country as they have opened the season 4-0-1 with wins over Minnesota St(X2), Miami, and AIC.  The Friars have been lead up front by junior Ross Maureman and sophomore Mark Jankowski both of whom have recorded 4 goals through 5 games. They are held down on the back end by sophomore Jon Gillies who has posted a .950 save % through his first 4 starts.

The Terriers look to bounce back from a weekend to forget in Michigan. The team was most likely practiced pretty hard this week if Saturday night's postgame comments by Coach Quinn were any indication. I expect the team to come out hungry for a win coming off two losses and with every media member in the world kissing Nate Leaman's non existent championship rings.

PC is the popular pick this year lead by our "favorite" college hockey (not cawledge hawkey) "expert" John Buccigross. It doesn't end with him though. USCHO picked the Friars to sweep this weekend while also featuring them in their TMQ column this week. Not be outmatched on the Providence love affair,  CHN did a feature on them as well.

HE Pick'Em


GW-30-24 (.556)
QQ-  27-27(.500)
FM 17-18 (.486)
MWW - 26-28(.481)
HS- 6-12(.333)

GW takes the lead with the only respectable week out of all 5 of us. There are good weeks and bad weeks. We had all had horrendous weeks.

Week 4

Friday 11/1

Maine @ UMass

QQ- UMass 3-2- Very tough to beat the same team 3 games in a row
FM- UMass 4-1
MWW- Maine 3-2- As our awards confirmed, UMass cannot compete so the pick is Maine.
GW- UMass 3-1

#2 Notre Dame @ UVM

QQ- ND 5-3- Notre Dame is too much for UVM even in Burlington
FM- ND 3-0
MWW ND 4-2- I think this is Notre Dame's first conference game so I expect them to pick up some points here.
GW- ND 5-1