Thursday, November 21, 2013

Premature 2014 World Cup Drawing: Part 2

World Cup Qualifying (WCQ) ended last night with Uruguay bumrushing Jordan and securing the last spot in the FIFA World Cup. As I mentioned in my last WCQ post, I ran a generator and picked 3 possible World Cup groups for USMNT. This time I will do it again knowing that all the spots are secured. 

In this group USMNT is matched up with host, Brazil; a worthy African opponent, Cameroon, and one of the better European teams, the Netherlands. Throughout World Cup history, European teams haven't found much success in South America. With that being said, I think the Netherlands will advance on top of the group. They have too much quality and form to let that jinx bother them. Gaining the 2nd spot would be Brazil. Brazil manhandled the Spanish team (winners of the last 3 major tournaments [Euro 08, WC 10, Euro 12]) last summer and have quality throughout the pitch especially the spine of the team (striker-central midfielder-central defender-goalie). USMNT and Cameroon would only to have to play for pride. 

Player Profile: Neymar. Some are saying he is the next PelĂ© or the next Ronaldinho or Ronaldo or etc. I think we get the point here. Definitely the best talent here in this group. Can just do about anything with the ball at his feet, head, or chest. 

USMNT enters this group against a favorite to win, Argentina; again Cameroon, and Croatia. Argentina will win this group. When you have one of the best players ever (Messi), you are expected to beat lesser foes easily. I can foresee a USMNT taking the second spot. Croatia and Cameroon are no lightweights but USMNT has played exceptional recently. And the team has been able to overcome and conquer. I expect the same here. 

Player Profile: Messi. Arguable the best ever to play the game. fin. 

This group is filled with up and coming teams. First, there is Switzerland that had a great WCQ run and won their UEFA group. Secondly, there is the quality Chile team that just beat England at Wembley. Lastly, there is Greece who has won a major tournament before (Euro 2004). USMNT should qualify for the knockout rounds on the top of the group. They have better quality throughout the team and the team has great depth to deal with all the different scenarios the biggest tournament in the world throws at them. I think Chile will end up 2nd. As mentioned before, Euro teams struggle in South America. Neither of these teams are better than the best Euro teams (Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy). So, Chile is the 2nd pick. 

Player Profile: Clint Dempsey. Deuces ya'll.  Deuces. Just does his own thing/tries shit on the pitch. 

In the future, look for the complete rundown of the actual groups that will be selected in Brazil in December. 

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