Monday, June 27, 2011

BU introduces new coach Joe Jones and game with BC

Here are the videos from the press conference today where BU officially announced Joe Jones as the 25th mens basketball coach in the history of the program. AD Mike Lynch also announced that BU would be playing BC in basketball this coming season for the first time since the 04-05 season. Stay tuned for a date and time to be officially announced.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three current BU Terriers selected on Day 2 of NHL draft

Three current member of the BU Terriers men's hockey team were drafted by three different teams on day 2 of the NHL draft yesterday. Adam Clendening was the first to go, to Chicago, at #36 overall(second round). This is a good fit for the rising sophomore at BU as Chicago is weak on the D-line and he was their first defenseman selected this year. This most likely means Clendening only has one or two years left at BU before jumping to the NHL but time will tell there. The second pick was also in the second round as winger Matt Nieto was selected 47th overall by the San Jose Sharks. This comes the day after the Shark traded the right from current Terrier Charlie Coyle in a deal with Minnesota. Sources from the Boston Hockey Blog have spoken with Coyle though and he has said he hasn't had much contact with Minnesota but plans to return to BU next season still. The third and final Terrier to be drafted yesterday was defenseman Garrett Noonan who was drafted #112 in the fourth round by the Nashville Predators and former Terrier Colin Wilson. Coach Jack Parker was present for the draft and the both Clendening and Nieto were evidently thrilled to have him there for support as shown in the two articles linked here( USCHO, ESPNBOSTON). This is just another example proving the haters wrong that Parker is just a crazy old man and doesn't care about his players. He cares more about them then any other coach in HE and tells them honestly the best move for their careers not for the program. He doesn't pray to the lord and grovel like York does out there in Newton. Just another class move from Parker. In another note, current Terrier Sahir Gil who was a draft prospect went undrafted.

In other HE news, two Northeastern recruits( Haar and Gaudreau) decomitted(will return to the USHL) following their coaching change while current player and first round pick D Jamie Olesiak is strongly considering moving to the OHL. Looks like Vinny Saponari is going to have to be a one man show for Northeastern to go anywhere this season no matter who the coach is. Aka not too concerned about the goons over on Huntington Ave. Cue the music!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Report: Joe Jones named new head coach at BU

Boston University has hired Joe Jones, the former associate head coach of the Newton University(Boston College) Eagles, as their next head coach. This is being reported by Jeff Goodman of Jones just finished his first season in Newton after spending the previous seven at Columbia where he posted a 86-108 record.

Jones will replace Pat Chambers who bailed on BU earlier this month to become the next head coach of Penn State. It was reported that interim coach Brian Daly was to interview today. Chmabers said in an interview that if Daly was not given the position then he would be joining Chambers and director of basketball operations Adam Fisher in Happy Valley.

Other names that were being thrown out there around the job were Al Skinner, Daly, Jim Ferry, and Walter McCarty? Wait what? why did Pitino even throw his name out there? Then again I Love Waltah! just not as our next coach. Jones doesn't have a spectacular record as a head coach but it will be interesting to see how he does with a team that Chambers built for success.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cronin cheats then bails to Toronto

Northeastern University's men's hockey head coach, Greg Cronin, has left the school for an assistant coach position with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This move comes timely for a coach who was suspended for the last six games of the regular season for NCAA violations regarding contact with recruits. Sebastian LaPlante will serve as the interim head coach as other assistant coach Albie O'Connell is rumored to be taking a similar position at Harvard University. LaPlante, who must serve a six game suspension to begin the season, is not the ideal guy but really NU's only option as bringing in a new coach and implementing a new system in three months is no easy task. Cronin left the school with very few options as the realistic plan here would be to give LaPlante the season to see what he has got as a coach. This leaves many wondering about the status of recruits and current players especially rising sophomore D-man Jamie Olesiak who is a sure first rounder in the NHL draft later this month. It will be interesting to see if this changes the roster of the Huskies who are due to bring in some heralded recruits including ex-Terrier and puckstar Vinny Saponari. Have fun coaching that little girl Kessel, Cronin. You two idiots should get along great.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It feels good to be a world champ

Congrats to the Bruins organization and all the fans tonight as we are world champions. Suck it Vancouver. Go burn some more cars and buildings you classless idiots.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You little swedish pussy

So Vancouver F Danielle Sedin came out and promised a victory in this statement after Game 6:
"We lose as a team and win as a team and we're going to win Game 7"

If you are going to make this type of promise you betterMan up and stand behind your words you coward.Instead the Swedish school said this today to the media. It can be interpreted as he is now scared shitless that the B's are going to come out flying and kick his fairy ass back to Sweden.

"You know, that was probably me being excited and the words came wrong out of my mouth. What I said was if we put our best game on the ice, I like our chances. That's the way it's been all year," Sedin said. "When we play our best, we're a tough team to beat. We show that at home. We like our chances."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Canucks just keep whining

Let me start this post with saying that is awful and bad for the game when anyone gets hurt whether they are on your team or not. I can't stop from commenting on Vancouver GM Mike Gillis' comments today about the injury to Vancouver F Mason Raymond during Game 6 Monday night. Gillis said Bruins' d-man Johnny Boychuk "used a can opener and drove [Mason Raymond] with enough force into the boards to break his back." Now let's break down what this clown is saying. He is saying ,Boychuk, on a play where he wasn't penalized meant to injure Raymond and break his back. First, have you ever heard Johnny Boychuk talk? He probably doesn't even know what vertabrae are. Second, the play is clearly clean as Boychuk is riding Raymond toward the boards before Raymond turns around to play the puck where Boychuck shoves him off him as is done 100 times a game. There is zero chance anyone could think Boychuk meant to injure with this play. He could have not hit him as hard I am sure but it wasn't even a hit. It was a shove to play the puck not the man. Boychuk doesn't even push off with his skates after engaging Raymond.
Nevermind the fact that the definition of a can-opener isn't what happened here especially since that would be a deliberate move by Boychuk. Here is the wikipedia definition of a can opener "The can opener (in Judo referred to as kubi-hishigi) is a hyperflexing neck crank that can be applied from the opponent's guard or from a mounted position, by grabbing the opponent's head using the hands, and forcing it towards the chest of the opponent. In competitions (where allowed) it is usually used as a taunting or distracting move, but if applied effectively in a competition, it may force the opponent to submit." That proves my point even further that this GM is a fucking biased idiot. Just say it was a tough break and move on without pointing figures you fraud.

Look at the video below. I understand it was an awful break for Raymond and Vancouver but you can't have fans coming out and claming Rome's hit was clean on Horton when it was clearly late and to the head while he left the ice, then come back out and say Boychuk's hit was dirty. It is really unfortunate and we all wish the best for Raymond but Vancouver is just making a fool of themselves now. Let's bury these asshole Canadians tomorrow night. Win it for America.

Bruins make Luongo eat his words...send the Cup finals to 7

The Bruins bounced back from another one goal defeat in Vancouver on Friday night in Game 5 to once again to dominate on home ice. The black and gold jumped out to a 4-0 first period and never looked back on their way to a 5-2 victory in Game 6 tonight. The Bruins chased Vancouver starting goalie Roberto Luongo in the first period and made him eat his words between games where he took shots at Bruins goalie Tim Thomas for not playing the "normal" style for a goalie. Luongo is a punk-ass bitch from Canada who only plays well at home and when the team around him does. He cannot steal a game for this team and the Bruins need to have that confidence going back to Vancouver on Wednesday in the decisive Game 7. Let's go B's.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bruins run train in Game 4, chase Luongo

The Bruins have tied up the Stanley Cup Finals(2-2) with another brilliant effort at home in Game 4 of the seven game series. The Bruins lead by one at the end of one on a Rich Peverley goal. "Pevs" got moved up to the top line in the void left by Nathan Horton's concussion in game 3 on a blatant late hit by Vancouver D Aaron Rome. Horton has been ruled out for the remainder of the series as has Rome due to his four game suspension by the NHL. The Bruins piled it on in the second with goals by Michael Ryder and Brad Marchand to make it 3-0 before the final period. Pevs scored another one off a pass from Milan Lucic and chased Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo from the game. BC fuck Cory Schneider replaced him and I am sure will get calls to start Game 5 even though Luongo is Vancouver's best and only shot to win this series. The series now heads back to Vancouver for Game 5 where the Bruins look to carry this momentum and move one win away from their first Stanley Cup since 1972. Go B's! Fuck Canada.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bruins stomp on Canucks' throat after cheap hit

The Stanley Cup Finals were assumed by most to be a less hostile environment since the two teams had only met once during the regular season. This series has gone in the complete opposite direction from that. Alex Burrow of the Canucks bit B's center Patrice Beregeron in Game 1(1-0 Vancouver win). He was then not suspended by the NHL because there was no "conclusive" evidence even though it is clear on camera what happened. The series continued to escalate in Game 2 when the Vancouver media and Vancouver forward Maxim LaPierre mocked Beregeron. We all know if Lucic took a chomp out of one of their guys, an investigation would be opened by the Vancouver police because that is what happens in Canada. They sit on their asses, eat bacon and make up their own rules for the NHL playoffs. Of course, Burrows scored two goals including the game-winner in OT to give the Canucks a 2-0 series lead heading back to Boston Monday.

Game 3 is what the Canucks had coming to them. The game started with late, blind side hit on Bruins forward Nathan Horton by Vancouver defenseman Aaron Rome. Horton suffered a concussion and left the ice on a stretcher. Rome was given a five minute intereference penalty and a game misconduct. The game was chippy from then on out with both Mark Recchi and Milan Lucic taunting Burrows and LaPierre throughout the game. The Bruins then embarrassed Vancouver winning 8-1 with all eight goals coming goalie Roberto Luongo. That can't be good for confidence heading into Game 4. Horton will now be out for the remainder of the series so both Tyler Seguin and Shawn Thorton will dress for the Bruins. This put's the B's back in the series and makes Game 4 a very very important game. You gotta tie it up and send it back to that fucking city of Vancouver. Maybe that fat fuck will actually sing the whole anthem for once in Game 5. He is no Rene Rancourt that is for sure. Go B's!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Coach Chambers accepts Penn State job

There had been talks around college basketball for the past week that Coach Pat Chambers, who had just signed a two year extension with BU, would be the next coach at Penn State. These rumors became reality on Friday. Penn State began looking for a coach last month after their former coach, Ed DeChellis, left for Navy. BU has named current assistant Brian Daly as the interim head coach and it seems he has a real chance to stay for a season as it is quite late in the year to bring a new coach with a totally new philosophy.

We will have more on this for days to come but as current BU students and fans of the basketball program, we would like to wish Coach Chambers the best at Penn State. We wish it could have been a longer stay here on Comm. Ave but chances like a Big Ten coaching job only come around so often. Hopefully the program is able to bounce back from this setback and build off of last year's season.