Sunday, September 30, 2012

NFL Pick Em Week 4

Another round of me failing at picking NFL games. Leggo!
  • Carolina at Atlanta: Atlanta has been playing excellent and are home. Taking ATL
  • New England at Buffalo: I think the majority of the BSRS Crew wouldn't be heard from again if the Pats lose. I can't handle that. I need my FelizMiguel. Pats win. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fantasy College Hockey: Mock Draft

Most of you, if you're reading this sports related blog are at least familiar with the idea of fantasy sports, particularly in football.  Pick players on various teams, get points based on their performances, beat QuackQuack every year (maybe that last one just applies to me and GW).  Well lucky for us college hockey devotees, some enterprising individual has created a fantasy league for our favorite of sports.  We as a blogging team definitely would encourage you to go over to and make a league with your friends, roommates and others who are stuck living with you in cells in Warren or rat-ridden brownstones on Bay State Road (hey, that's the name of the blog!).  For those of you who want to go dive into fantasy college hockey (it's a great way to educate oneself about the skating world west of Vermont and major players this season who don't reside within walking distance of the B Line) here's a projection of how I would draft to impress your friends and destroy their hopes and dreams in friendly competition.

Scoring breakdown: the number is the amount of points you get toward your weekly score for each that one of your players achieves

GWG1SkatersGame Winning Goal
SHG3SkatersShorthanded Goal
PPG1SkatersPower Play Goal
EAG2SkatersExtra Attacker Goal
HAT5SkatersHat Trick




N1GoaliesNo Decision
ALLOW-5GoaliesAllowed 5 or More Goals
SAVE2GoaliesSave Percentage > 90%

Now, a fearless prediction of how to draft for fantasy hockey success (I'm gonna assume a 10-team league, with 6 forwards, 4 d-men and 2 goalies active each week, so i'm showing enough picks to fill each team at those positions, although 12 more rounds would be necessary to fill benches)  Are you listening, BSRS league members?:
Note: As we are doing in our league, I'm leaving out BC kids (because they're assholes and no one wants to have to be joyful when  Michael Sit scores a goal) and frosh because they're just too unreliable in my mind.  But there are definitely freshman out there who will perform at a high level, it's just difficult to know for certain ahead of time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012-13 Pre-Season Hockey LEast Picks

So last March we began a tradition of announcing our own Hockey LEast team. This is a team of players throughout the conference that either suck or we don't like and sometimes a combination of the two. So without further ado, here are this year's pre-season picks:

(Worst) Player of the Year
Vinny Saponari (F) NU- The defending champ is our pick to repeat due to the fact that his rapping is almost as bad as his game on the ice. He was named captain for the Huskies this coming season which will make it that much funnier when he fails miserably.  Oh, and anybody that jersey pops is either 14 or a tool (or both)  To quote Claude Giroux, "We aren't in the fucking world juniors here."

Monday, September 24, 2012

Two new polls out...BU 3rd in HE media polls, 13th in USA Today poll

Two college hockey polls were released in the last 24 hours. One of which was the HE media poll which ranked BU as #3 in the conference in the annual pre-season poll. Terrier juniors Matt Nieto and Garrett Noonan were selected to the All- Hockey East team with Nieto as a forward along with some scrubs from BC(Newton),Maine and Lowell( Gaudreau, Diamond, and Wilson). Noonan was joined by Ruhwedel on the d pair and Newton College goalie Parker Milner was named the goalie. The standings were as follows
1. BC(Newton University)
2 Lowell
3. BU
4. UNH
5. PC
6. Maine
7. Merrimack
8. Northeastern
9. UMass
10. UVM

The national USA Today poll was also released. It has as much significance as the HE media poll which is zero but here it is anyway. BU comes in 13th with BC and Lowell also coming in ranked. Maine, UNH, PC and Merrimack received votes in the poll. Here is the rest of the top 15
1. Newton University -overrated
2. Minnesota- choke artists
3. Michigan -
4. North Dakota - Half the team is suspended for one of their first two games
5. Union -EZAC always has high ranked teams early in the year..they never win shit. Granted Union was a Frozen Four team last year so I am more sold on them than the rest of the conference
6. Cornell
7. Lowell
8. Denver
9. Miami
10. Notre Dame
11. Western Michigan- Should be higher. I think they are a Frozen Four team this year
12. Minnesota-Duluth- Shouldn't be this high with everyone they lost
13. BU
14 Ferris St.
15. Wisconsin

Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL Week 3 Pick 'Em

So last week I only picked up 7 wins. Pretty awful, just like my fantasy team. Aiming for perfection again so let's get into it.

  1. Jets vs 'Fins: I think the Jets offense should improve against the Dolphins defense. The Miami offense doesn't impress me and I think the Jets defense will have the upper hand. Jets win.
  2. Rams vs Bears: Rams pulled out an impressive win against a pretty good Redskins team last week and the Bears need to pull together after last weeks debacle. I'll take the Rams on an up swing of good momentum.
  3. Bills vs Browns: Bills looked like a team last week and we shall see if they can put it together again for the win. Keep an eye out for Trent Richardson. Looking very impressive in the first 2 games so far. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

BU hockey releases final roster, announces Ruikka as assistant captain

Coach Jack Parker has finalized and released his roster for the coming 2012-2013 season. The roster consists of 26 players including 10 freshman. Freshman Nick Breed was added to this year's class as a walk on. He put up some solid numbers at Cape Elizabeth high school in Maine. He lead the western Maine class B league with 34 goals last season including 5 in one game.  The 26 man roster means that 6 skaters and 1 goalie will not dress for each game this coming season. This will leave plenty of competition among players to see the ice among the 3 goalies, 15 forwards, 7 defensmen and 1 BOD(Matt Ronan- Best offensive dman).

                                                        (Photo credit to Daily Free Press)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012-13 Season Preview

While QQ covered his line projectionsprojected league standings , and previews of the freshmen class (part 1part 2and part 3), I wanted to toss up a general preview of the team/season and my expectations for the year.


Without a doubt, I think the forwards will be the strongest part of the 2012-13 team.  While that statement may seem counterintuitive after losing Alex Chiasson, Chris Connolly, Charlie Coyle and Corey Trivino, I firmly believe that the new crop of forwards are ready to step up.  Wade Megan (20-9-29) and Matt Nieto (16-26-42) figure to be primary scorers, with Sahir Gill (12-19-31) also solidly in the mix.  Look for Cason Hohmann (2-6-8) and Evan Rodrigues (2-10-12) to build on relatively quiet freshmen years and contribute on the scoresheet much more so than last year.  Freshmen Matt Lane, Danny O'Regan and Sam Kurker also figure to contribute a decent amount - I'd expect all 3 to break the 20 point mark, with one breaking the 30 point mark.  I also wouldn't be surprised to see Ben Rosen (1-6-7) and Ryan Santanimal (3-4-7) scoring a bit more than they have in recent years.  Rosen strikes me as the type of player who could come out and contribute 10-15 goals this year, similar to Joe Pereira his senior year.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

NFL Week 2 Pick 'Em

Not a bad first week considering that all of my upsets didn't happen. I enter this week aiming for perfection.

1. KC vs Bills: Taking KC again since the bills looked awful last week against the Jets.
2. Browns vs Bengals: Bengals just need a consistent performance to win. Misery continues for Brown fans.
3. Vikings vs Colts: thinking Luck gets his first win of the season and Viks go 1-1.
4. Oakland vs. Miami: Oakland should improve after a horid game this past Monday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hockey East Projected Standings

Many legitimate college hockey writers are coming out with their projected Hockey East standings in the coming days/weeks so I figure I should get mine out there ahead of time. I'm just going to do the whole thing in one big post since I have nothing better to do at work today.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Lids & Nike, We Don't Have A Football Team

Womp Womp
I was on today looking for a new hat. I was specifically looking for a fitted and I decided to click and check to see the BU gear. When I got there I saw a shirt and was in total disbelief. It was a NCAA Women's Touchdown Shirt. Yes, they made a touchdown shirt for the ladies of BU but they forgot something. We do not have a D1, D2, or a D3 football team (okay we have a club football team but it isn't something to write home about). Big mistake for even making this shirt/ jersey look a like. 

NFL Picks 2012 Week 1

Here are my picks for Week 1 after that somewhat disappointing first game which I though would turn into a slugfest but turned into boredom really (A lot of blown whistles etc.).  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BU Hockey Line Projections Take 2

I took my first shot at the opening night lines over a month ago. I figure it is about time to take another stab at it and hear your input as well so feel free. The recruiting class has changed as we did not know who the 9th member and 7th dman on the roster was going to be. Now that we know that it is Ahti Oksanen, I can make a better guess at the dpairs and forward lines for the coming season.

1. Nieto-Gill- Cisse- I'm not changing my first line as I expect both Cisse and Gill to have big years compared to last year and Nieto should be first team Hockey East with his speed.

Mister WorldWide NFL Insight

Entering last nights draft with the BSRS crew and Alexx Privitera, I was thinking on who will make the Super Bowl this year and other topics. So I decided to share these thoughts with you and other thoughts about the upcoming NFL season.