Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012-13 Pre-Season Hockey LEast Picks

So last March we began a tradition of announcing our own Hockey LEast team. This is a team of players throughout the conference that either suck or we don't like and sometimes a combination of the two. So without further ado, here are this year's pre-season picks:

(Worst) Player of the Year
Vinny Saponari (F) NU- The defending champ is our pick to repeat due to the fact that his rapping is almost as bad as his game on the ice. He was named captain for the Huskies this coming season which will make it that much funnier when he fails miserably.  Oh, and anybody that jersey pops is either 14 or a tool (or both)  To quote Claude Giroux, "We aren't in the fucking world juniors here."

(Worst) Coach of the Year
Dick Umile UNH- This guy lead his program to the NCAA tournament like 14 years in a row until last year when BU knocked them out of the HE tournament in dramatic fashion. This year I predict Umile to be the same asshole as he always is and miss the NCAA's once again which makes him our Hockey LEast coach of the year.

(Worst) Rookie of the Year
Frank Vatrano-  Adam Chapie (F) Lowell- Chapie has bust written all over him. First, he played his junior hockey in New Mexico so he must suck because I didn't even know they had hockey in New Mexico. Also, this is directly from his bio on the UML website "Enjoys writing music and rapping during his free time." I think we've all learned that rapping and playing hockey are a combination of interests that DO NOT MIX (See: Saponari, Vinny).  Accordingly, we expect Chapie to underperform, make a terrible rap song and then get kicked out of school.

Biggest Goon
Joey Diamond (F) Maine- This kid is the definition of a cheapshot specialist. He has lead his team in major penalties since his freshman year and was accused of biting Merrimack players last season. He will rack up some points but he will give Bigos a run for his money for most penalty minutes as well.

1st Team All Hockey Least

F- Klais Ledermark  MaineSteve Whitney BC, Scott Pavelski UNH
D- Steven Shamanski PCNick Lukko UVM
G-  Chris Rawlings NU

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