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Fantasy College Hockey: Mock Draft

Most of you, if you're reading this sports related blog are at least familiar with the idea of fantasy sports, particularly in football.  Pick players on various teams, get points based on their performances, beat QuackQuack every year (maybe that last one just applies to me and GW).  Well lucky for us college hockey devotees, some enterprising individual has created a fantasy league for our favorite of sports.  We as a blogging team definitely would encourage you to go over to and make a league with your friends, roommates and others who are stuck living with you in cells in Warren or rat-ridden brownstones on Bay State Road (hey, that's the name of the blog!).  For those of you who want to go dive into fantasy college hockey (it's a great way to educate oneself about the skating world west of Vermont and major players this season who don't reside within walking distance of the B Line) here's a projection of how I would draft to impress your friends and destroy their hopes and dreams in friendly competition.

Scoring breakdown: the number is the amount of points you get toward your weekly score for each that one of your players achieves

GWG1SkatersGame Winning Goal
SHG3SkatersShorthanded Goal
PPG1SkatersPower Play Goal
EAG2SkatersExtra Attacker Goal
HAT5SkatersHat Trick




N1GoaliesNo Decision
ALLOW-5GoaliesAllowed 5 or More Goals
SAVE2GoaliesSave Percentage > 90%

Now, a fearless prediction of how to draft for fantasy hockey success (I'm gonna assume a 10-team league, with 6 forwards, 4 d-men and 2 goalies active each week, so i'm showing enough picks to fill each team at those positions, although 12 more rounds would be necessary to fill benches)  Are you listening, BSRS league members?:
Note: As we are doing in our league, I'm leaving out BC kids (because they're assholes and no one wants to have to be joyful when  Michael Sit scores a goal) and frosh because they're just too unreliable in my mind.  But there are definitely freshman out there who will perform at a high level, it's just difficult to know for certain ahead of time.

Round 1:
Team 1: Erik Haula, Minnesota, F: In hockey, unlike football, many scorers enhance each other rather than taking away opportunities from each other and Minny is loaded up front
Team 2: Troy Grosenick, Union, G: Guy is a straight up winner and college hockey is way deeper this year at F than G.  Benefits from easier ECAC
Team 3: Brett Gensler, Bentley, F: Goals count the same whether you rack them up in Hockey East or weaker Atlantic Hockey
Team 4: Joey Diamond, Maine, F: As much as it causes me gastrointestinal distress to say so, he will be solid this year
Team 5: Mark Zengerle, Wisconsin, F
Team 6: Nick Bjugstad, Minnesota, F
Team 7: T.J. Tynan, Notre Dame, F: Another team that is loaded up front, though suspect on D
Team 8: Danny Kristo, North Dakota, F: Will miss time, suspended early because some dumb NoDak freshmen almost died of alcohol poisoning at a team party.  Thanks for taking the heat off us, artists formerly known as the Fighting (REDACTED BY NCAA).  Bet it was a bad night to be a penalty box at the Ralph! (UND's arena)
Team 9: Matt Nieto, BU, F: Yes, at this point you can probably draft him without being a total homer.  Productivity will probably jump a bit this year.
Team 10: Kyle Rau, Minnesota, F

Round 2:

Team 10: Joey LaLeggia, Denver, D: Great place to pick up a fantastic forward (Rau) and the nation's likely premier scoring defenseman
Team 9: Doug Carr, Lowell, G: Not totally sold on Lowell as a top 10 team but Carr should be solid in net
Team 8: Austin Czarnik, Miami-Ohio, F
Team 7: Scott Wilson, Lowell, F
Team 6: Ben Hanowski, St. Cloud State, F
Team 5: Andy Iles, Cornell, G
Team 4: Rylan Schwartz, Colorado College, F
Team 3: Anders Lee, Notre Dame, F
Team 2: Daniel Carr, Union, F
Team 1: Shane Madolara, RIT, G: Goalies have it way easier in Atlantic Hockey and the ECAC, therefore better stats

Round 3:
Team 1: Corban Knight, North Dakota, F
Team 2: Riley Wetmore, Lowell, F
Team 3: Carter Rowney, North Dakota, F
Team 4: Mike Pereira, UMass, F: The less attractive and less talented younger brother of former gritty BU fan favorite Joe Pereira
Team 5: Danny Biega, Harvard, D
Team 6: Matt White, Nebraska-Omaha, F
Team 7: Alex Guptill, Michigan, F
Team 8: Garrett Noonan, BU, D
Team 9: Chase Balisy, Western Michigan, F
Team 10: Zach Budish, Minnesota, F

Round 4:

Team 10: Kyle DeLaurell, Air Force, F
Team 9: Connor Jones, Quinnipiac, F
Team 8: Adam Schmidt, Holy Cross, F
Team 7: Frank Slubowski, Western Michigan, G
Team 6: Nate Schmidt, Minnesota, D
Team 5: A. J. Treais, Michigan, F
Team 4: Derek Arnold, Lowell, F
Team 3: Cody Kunyk, Alaska, F
Team 2: Caleb Herbert, Minnesota-Duluth, F
Team 1: Sahir Gill, BU, F

Round 5:

Team 1: Lee Moffie, Michigan, D
Team 2: Jordan George, Bemidji State, F
Team 3: Kyle Flanagan, St. Lawrence, F
Team 4: Casey DeSmith, UNH, G
Team 5: Alex Grieve, Bentley, F
Team 6:  Sam Brittain, Denver, G
Team 7: Nick Jensen, St. Cloud State, D
Team 8: Jason Torf, Air Force, G
Team 9: Kyle Bonis, Ferris State, F
Team 10: Greg Carey, St. Lawrence, F

Round 6:

Team 10: Will Yanakeff, Michigan State, G
Team 9: Matt Bodie, Union, D
Team 8: Wade Megan, BU, F
Team 7: Mike Seidel, Minnesota-Duluth, F
Team 6: Brant Harris, UConn, F
Team 5: Kellen Jones, Quinnipiac, F
Team 4: Chad Ruhwedel, Lowell, D
Team 3: Nick Jones, Mercyhurst, D
Team 2: Nick Sorkin, UNH, F
Team 1: Matt Gingera, Sacred Heart, F

Round 7:

Team 1: Pat McNally, Harvard, D
Team 2: Mike Boivin, Colorado College, D
Team 3: Casey DeSmith, UNH, G
Team 4: Ludwig Karlsson, Northeastern, F
Team 5: Loren Barron, Quinnipiac, D
Team 6: Shayne Gostisbehere, Union, D
Team 7: Conor Sheary, UMass, F
Team 8: Brett Switzer, Bentley, F
Team 9: Jeremy Langlois, Quinnipiac, F
Team 10: Andrew Prochno, St. Cloud State, D

Round 8:

Team 10: Kevin Goumas, UNH, F
Team 9: Mark Alt, Minnesota, D
Team 8: Michael Mersch, Wisconsin, F
Team 7: Josh Thorimbert, Colorado College, G
Team 6: Joe Pendenza, Lowell, F
Team 5: John Kruse, Air Force, F
Team 4: Trevor van Riemsdyk, UNH, D
Team 3: Raphael Girard, Harvard G
Team 2: Jared Coreau, Northern Michigan, G
Team 1: Matt Kirzinger, Ferris State, F

Round 9:

Team 1: Joel Hanley, UMass, D
Team 2: Alex Gehrke, UConn, D
Team 3: Matt Thurber, Northern Michigan, F
Team 4: Joel Rumpel, Wisconsin, G
Team 5: Andy Taranto, Alaska, F
Team 6: Matt Ginn, Holy Cross, G
Team 7: Jean-Paul Lafontaine, Minn. State, F
Team 8: Sam Labrecque, Clarkson, D
Team 9: Kevin Kapalka, Lake Superior State, G
Team 10: Ryan Faragher, St. Cloud State, G

Round 10:

Team 10: Nate Condon, Minnesota, F
Team 9: Mac Bennett, Michigan, D
Team 8: Garret Bartus, UConn, G
Team 7: Nick Mattson, North Dakota, D
Team 6: Matt Leitner, Minnesota State, F
Team 5: Steven Seigo, Michigan Tech, D
Team 4: Dan DeSalvo, Bowling Green, F
Team 3: Bryce Aneloski, Nebraska-Omaha, D
Team 2: Phil DeGiuseppe, Michigan, D
Team 1: Dan Sullivan, Maine, G

Round 11:

Team 1: Shane Berschbach, Western Michigan, F
Team 2: David Johnstone, Michigan Tech, F
Team 3: Dennis Brown, Western Michigan, D
Team 4: Zach Currie, Quinnipiac, D
Team 5: Branden Komm, Bentley, G
Team 6: Alexx Privitera, BU, D
Team 7: Greg Noyes, RIT, D
Team 8: Nick Bailen, RPI, D
Team 9: Chris Crane, Ohio State, F
Team 10: Frankie Simonelli, Wisconsin, D

Round 12:

Team 10: Danny De Keyser, Western Michigan, D
Team 9: Zach Palmquist, Minnesota State, D
Team 8: Joakim Ryan, Cornell, D
Team 7: Myles Harvey, Providence, D
Team 6: Connor Hardowa, UNH, D
Team 5: Conor Allen, UMass, D
Team 4: George Hughes, St. Lawrence, D
Team 3: Jordan Heywood, Merrimack, D
Team 2: Jerrod Rabey, St. Cloud State, D
Team 1: Mitch Jones, Northern Michigan, D

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