Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lebron, Manager Claim Race is Why Everyone Hates Him

My best friend LeBron " Cry baby" James (now the world's 6th most hated athlete) and his manager Maverick Carter are claiming race is a reason why everyone outside of Miami hates LeBron now. Now I know everyone is thinking to themselves be careful because race is a sensitive subject blah blah blah. I will be careful but this is an issue that bothers me whether you agree with me or not is up to you. This is another case of a big baby using other reasons to explain why everyone hates him besides looking in the mirror. Hey LeBron, everyone hates you because you are a traitor to your hometown and made a public show out of your signing. Maybe if you had a simple press conference to announce your decision and had actually informed the teams beforehand like a normal athlete, people would like you. Tom Brady is a great example. He just signed a huge new deal with the Pats and there wasn't even a press conference. Brady is a team player and did not want to take anything away from the team's preparations for the opener that Sunday. You made "The Decision" a public display and handled it like a complete prick who thinks he is better and more important than everyone else. So do me a favor, shut the fuck up about this race crap. Yes, unfortunately there is still racism in the world. It sucks, but this is not racism. People still love Kobe (not in Boston) because he wins and can play the game and he raped a girl. People love the Big three in Boston (all black). People just hate arrogant fucks who think everyone should kiss the ground they walk on. People hate you because you are an arrogant piece of shit. You might as well go to BC.

A prime example of another case of an arrogant prick is up in Minnesota. Brett Favre is hated by all of America as he unretires and retires every offseason. ESPN sits outside of his shack in Mississippi as he makes love to his relatives/pets and I just want to puke everywhere. I hate him more than I hate LeBron James (depending on the day). America hates arrogance and LeBron James and Brett Favre are the perfect examples of it. Don't want people to hate you? Don't come through the stage like you're fucking Lil Wayne. You are a basketball player. Play some games and come back to me.

I have no problem with you joining up with Wade and Bosh. Hey, you wanna win. I can respect that. Just don't be so self-absorbed that you really think race is why people hate you. You think if a white guy did this America would love Same exact reaction. I won't even go to Ben Rapelisberger as an example because yes he did rape someone so people have a reason to hate him. Just shutup LeBron and play ball. Also fire your manager. Like come on whose name is Maverick Carter? Yeah not an agent/manager who will claim racism for anything that goes wrong?

Also, someone tell Jalen Rose to shut the fuck up. Racism isn't that prominent in the NBA. Yes, most owners are white and most players are black. That is not why people hate LeBron. You're just agreeing with LeBron so he'll let you interview him or some shit. The rest of the players don't agree with LeBron or that would mean they are all hated because they're black. Clearly not true. So shutup. October 26th can't come soon enough so we can finally just play the games.

Redd10 Update: Is Lebron really this stupid? Looks like somebody has been drinking the Jesse Jackson Kool-Aid. Christ.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anybody Want to Read Actually Good Predictions for Hockey East?

Just kidding QuackQuack. But seriously. While I share my fellow bloggers disdain for BC and the rest of Hockey East, I do have have a different vision of how Hockey East will shake out in 2010/2011. I feel that Boston College will have another solid year as they are returning two 50 point scorers (as well as a 40 point scorer), both of their starting goalies, and only really lost a couple of (replaceable) guys from last years team. Now, this is not to say I'm rooting for BC as HE champions. Quite the opposite, in fact - I'm hoping John Muse lets more things between his legs than a hungry Vietnamese hooker. I just think they are returning too many offensive weapons to have a down year. After BC, I think Maine is the obvious next team, as they dropped perennial netminder and alcoholic Scott Darling and are returning Hobey finalist Gustav Nyquist (a 60 point scorer). Combine that with the fact that Maine has to be hungry after losing in the HE Finals last year and missed the NCAA tournament, and I think they are a dangerous team. After those two teams, however, I feel that Hockey East could shake out in a multitude of ways. UNH lost their best forward/playmaker in Bobby Butler as well as their starting goalie in Brian Foster. BU will be relying on young, inexperienced players to play major minutes and produce a lot of points, never mind needing goalie Kieran Milan to step up after a down sophomore year. Merrimack will be hungry after getting a taste of the postseason last year, and will look to socialist phenom Stephane Da Costa to build off of his 45 point freshman campaign (cue the jokes about Da Costa ensuring everybody has an equal opportunity with the puck). Vermont returns key players including goalie Rob Madore. And the list goes on. But I'll stop boring you now and give you what you really are reading this for - the picks.

1.) Boston College - I know, I know. I hate BC too. But they are returning so many offensive weapons (Cam Atkinson, Brian Gibbons, the Whitney Brothers, Chris Kreider, etc) that I feel they will win many games on goal scoring alone. If Muse has another post-Championship slump, look to see a lot of 7-6 victories down in Chestnut Hill.

2.) Maine - Yes, they really can play hockey. Gustav Nyquist will be looking to post 60 more points, and Maine will benefit from having anybody in net whose name isn't Scott Darling. I've never heard of half of their players, but they can definitely score.

3.) BU - Call me biased, but I'm expecting big things this year. After last year's post season string of embarrassments, look for Parker and Co to be ready and focused. Milan will improve his numbers and consistency from last year, and the Gold Dust twins of Coyle and Nieto will be pouring the puck in the net. Combine that with Alex Chiasson, ChrisCo, and my boy Warsofsky, and we have ourselves a chance.

4.) UNH - After losing Bobby Butler and goalie Brian Foster, UNH will have some tough games this year. But they do always play well in the regular season, so expect another solid regular season from these guys. And if one of their forwards gets hot like Butler did, look out.

5.) Northeastern - Yeah I know everybody else is picking them further back. But sophomore goalie Chris Rawlings appears to be the real deal, and they are returning 8 of their top 11 goal scorers. Add that in with some solid freshman, and I think Northeastern will bounce back after last years collapse.

6.) Merrimack - Look, they've got a legitimate 50-60 point guy in Da Costa and are returning goalie Joe Cannata. And they really only lost forgettable goalie Andrew Braithwaite as well as some low scoring forwards. That Merrimack coach is a scum bag, but he will have his team hungry and ready to play.

7.) Vermont - How this team made it to the NCAA's baffles me. But they knocked out UNH in the HE playoffs last year, and are returning some key guys such as goalie Rob Madore. However, they did lose a few solid point scorers and will definitely have a hard time finding the net. If they score at all this year, they have a decent record.

8.) UMass - Lowell - Lost two goalies, almost all of their top point scorers, and a couple of defenseman. But they are better than the next two teams.

9.) Providence - PC will need some divine Providence this year to do much of anything. They have a stellar goalie in Alex Beaudry, but they just can't score to save their lives (or their season).

10.) UMass - Amherst - Look, they lost ALL of their offense. And most of their defense. Unless senior goalie John Dainton has a 0.00 goals against average, they finish dead last. But they do have Joe Pereira's younger brother as an incoming forward, so they've got that going for them, which is nice.

So there it is. Be on the lookout for a comprehensive prediction of BU's season coming up...

BC ranked #1 in USA preseason poll...fuck HE predicions/rant

The USA Today preseason hockey poll came out a couple days ago with no big surprises. The fuckfaces down the street start off #1 in the country with many experts picking them to repeat as national champions. NESN, ESPN Boston and other news outlets are already going crazy for Newton College to actually do something well in a sport since their football team sucks with a 26 year old QB. At least when we have 26 year old players like Matty Gilroy, we win championships. Their 26 year old sophomore QB sucks dick. But let's not get distracted with the rest of their athletic department.
Their hockey team has to try to repeat while being ranked number one in the country... an almost impossible task. Jack Parker had a conversation with Eagles' coach Jerry York at a beanpot game two years ago where York explained the toughest thing to do in college hockey was to repeat and stay hungry for that next one. This is especially tough at big time hockey schools as was way too evident for us last year. I can already predict how this season will go for the choir boys down the road...they will be extremely inconsistent. They will not stay one for long because they are a bunch of pansy ass little fucks who think the world should bow down to them because they do to that to priests everyday and call it theology class. The kids were already driving into the T before the they got out of school. Don't expect that to change as the school covered their asses and blamed the T driver. Like really?! Everyone in Boston knows the T drivers are drunker than you no matter what. They won't have the drive or effort to win another one despite all their talent returning for another season.
BU is predicted to be fourth in the conference but 14th nationally. I would rather not be ranked to start off the season. I want that extra chip on the shoulder for Parker to use. I want us to win it all and have Joe Pereira look into the camera on ESPN and pull of the Rodney Harrison(in a sling quote) "Nobody believed we could do it! But we believed in ourselves!" Like granted someone forgot to tell Rodney the Pats were favored to win that SB by 10.
These polls and predictions mean nothing but give teams reasons to work harder. That is why UMASS and Northeastern scare me this year and Merrimack doesn't. UMASS and NEU are already being called dead with no chance. They have all the motivation in the world to come out and outwork teams despite differences in talent. Merrimack and their little french bitch Da Costa think they're going to be good because they were OK last year for the first time ever. My prediction is they fall back before taking another step forward. OK ill shut up now and just list my predictions for Hockey East in the coming season.
HE predictions
1. Maine-Easily the most solid team if they lay off the moonshine
2. UNH- I think this is the year they avoid the second half collapse
3. BU- The Terriers outwork teams to set up solid position for the postseason
4. BC- The alter servers serve up plenty of bread and wine to other teams this year leaving Muse hanging all year with lazy defense.
5. UVM- They are always good. That's my reasoning...and they have great cheese.
6. UMASS Lowell- They finish higher than expectations but slow at the end of the year as multiple players are arrested for dealing cocaine.
7. Northeastern- They get back into the HE playoffs but don't have enough scoring to get very far.
8. UMASS- They just don't have the talent but they still scare me of getting hot with some good chemistry
9.Merrimack- Da Costa breaks his leg after MacGregor comes out off the bench like the German tanks came through the woods in WWII and sends him off the ice waving a white flag.
10. PC- They are alter boys with much less talent than their Newton brothers.

P.S. If you think I am just a pussy who only talks shit about BC, I guarantee you BSRS will make their presence felt December 4th BU at BC. We got our sign taken away last year but this year we have a plan in place that security can't fuck up.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pats win in shootout with Buffalo

The Patriots' defense looked awful at times but the team found a way to win 38-30 over Buffalo at home today. QB Tom Brady threw for 252 yards and three TDs(two to Moss). Randy Moss lead the receving corps with two touchdowns while the two young tight ends also contributed. Aaron Hernandez had six catches for 65 yards while Rob Gronkowski had three catches for 43 yards and a TD. Benjarvus Green-Ellis lead the rushing attack with 98 yards on 16 carries. The team ran the ball for 200 yards which is a good sign of things to come for the offense.

The defense was a different story as they gave up 30 points to an awful Buffalo offense that had only put up 17 points in the first two weeks combined. The team made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Peyton Manning out there today. He threw for 247 yards 2 TDs. He also threw two second-half picks to the Patriots safeties(Chung and Meriweather) that sealed the game for the Pats. Jerod Mayo had another solid game for the team. The secondary looked awful all around as the poor Buffalo offense had their way with them throughout the game.

Here are some winners/losers from today's game.
1. Tom Brady-21/27 252 yards 3TDS. Brady was as sharp as he has been all season.
2. Aaron Hernandez- 6 catches for 65 yards and one rush for 12 yards made it seem like Hernadez will be the man to replace Kevin Faulk's production in the offense.
3. Randy Moss- two catches and two scores made it an extremely productive day for Moss who likes to score as many touchdowns as possible with doing as little work as possible.
4. Benjarvus Green-Ellis- 16 carries for 98 yards was extremely productive for the second year back out of Ole' Miss.

1.Zoltan Mesko- 37.7 YYP is not what the Pats are looking for out of the rookie punter.
2. Cornerbacks- Butler, Arrington, and McCourty were all exposed at different points in the game in coverage. Look for the Pats to continue to need to blitz and bring pressure to hide the young corners.
3. Kickoff coverage- You simply cannot give up touchdowns on special teams. Unacceptable.

The Pats play at Miami next Monday night which will be a true test where they stand within the division before the bye week.

What Separates The Best from the Rest

I write this post as the Patriots are down to the Bills in the second quarter, so excuse me if I sound, you know, pissed. Anyways, my topic today is Braylon Edwards and the Jets organization. As many of you are probably aware, Edwards was arrested this past Tuesday morning at 5 am for drunk driving, blowing a .16 BAL.  Edwards had two other Jets players in the car with him (D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Vernon Gholston), neither of whom were tested for blood alcohol level. This isn't Edwards first contact with the law, as he was in a fight at a nightclub last year in Ohio (with one of Lebron James' friends), and was out drinking with Dante Stallworth the night Stallworth ran over and killed a man down in Florida. Edwards has a long history of having a bad attitude and conflicting with teammates, so I don't think too many were surprised with Edwards arrest. What is surprising, however, is how the Jets organization has chosen to handle this situation, given Edwards past. Earlier this week, the Jets announced that Edwards would not be suspended or fined, just not allowed to start against the Dolphins. And now, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has announced that the Jets had no problem with Edwards arrest, simply that they were not happy he was out at 5 am. Needless to say, the Jets have taken much heat for their reaction to Edwards arrest.

This, ladies and gentleman, is what separates elite organizations such as the Patriots, the Saints, and the Colts, from second tier organizations like the Jets.  Tannenbaum cited precedent when questioned about why they weren't taking a harsher stance, saying that "no team over the past 2 years has suspended a player for a drunken driving arrest". Makes sense, except when you remember how bad of an attitude Edwards has and his prior arrests/run-ins with the police. The Jets are more or less telling their players to go out and get hammered and drive home but just be home at a reasonable hour Oh, and if you get pulled over by the police, claim you are taking antibiotics and that's what made your blood alcohol level worse. Are you kidding me? If the Jets had any respect for their own organization they would be pre-emptively suspending Edwards and docking his pay to send a message, that no player is above the law or suspension. Especially considering Edwards tendency to act like a 20 year old on spring break. You better believe this wouldn't fly in many other organizations (yes, I'm talking about the Patriots). We can only hope that after Edwards is surely convicted of drunk driving that the league will take a hard line on this. Because God know the Jets won't, come hell or high water...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Week from Tonight...

...Hockey season on Comm Ave begins. Well sort of. In 7 days BU takes on U of Toronto in an exhibition match-up, the Terrier's sole home exhibition game on the schedule. It will be interesting to see how Coach Parker and staff decide to use their players, as they will only have had 1 day of official practice under their belts (although captains practices are ongoing, and you know Parker is sliding Pereira some notes for those). A week after the Toronto game, BU will travel to St. Louis to play in the annual "Icebreaker Tournament", featuring our boys in red and white as well as Wisconsin, Holy Cross, and Notre Dame. A couple days after that BU opens it's season for real against UMass at home (Oct. 16). With so many departures and new additions after last season, all of us around here cannot wait to see the lines Parker puts together (look for our stab at those lines in the coming weeks). We bet it's going to be a fun and exciting season to watch. And it all starts one week from tonight...

Friday, September 24, 2010

odds and end leading into the weekend

- Expect a big bounceback game from the Pats this weekend as they look to rebound from getting thrashed by the Jets last week. Every expert in the country is picking the team to roll Buffalo but don't tell Wes Welker that. When asked about the Bills this week, Welker spoke nothing but praise of the team that the Patriots have not lost to since 2003.

-Randy Moss wore the number 33 in practice today as a tribute to injured captain Kevin Faulk. Now just wait for the media to warp this into some attack on Moss.

-BU hockey talk heats up as multiple blogs are posting Hockey East preview for the coming season. There is one on the Boston Hockey Blog that only has the top two teams to be announced. There is also one of the Warrior Rink Rat blog by the Eagle Tribune's by Mike McMahon but this one sucks and supports Merrimack hockey including that little gay ass frenchman Da Costa so I'm not posting the link for people to look at just to rip on how bad it is. After every team preview, they say the next team will be the next day. Then two weeks later they do another one. There is no way there is that much going on at Merrimack. The school blows and is in fuckin North Andover. Yeah I heard its crazy there all the time pause nahhht.

- Shatty has his first goal in an exhibition game for the Avalanche this week as five former Terriers are on the roster(Colby Cohen, Brandon Yip,Dave Van der Guilk, Zach Cohen(AHL)).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Drury injured in training camp

One of BU's own NHL stars was injured Monday at New York Rangers training camp. Chris Drury broke a finger and will be out a month. Drury is expected to miss the first four games of the regular season. The 34 year old Drury is trying to bounce back from his worst season a professional. It was rumored that he came into camp in great shape and was ready to play from the get-go. Hopefully he cant get back on the ice sooner than anticipated.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pats lose first division game after poor second half

The Patriots lead 14-10 at halftime today against the Jets and the lead should have been more as kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed his third field goal of the season after he originally made the kick before a delay of game penalty. Nothing went right for the Pats after Randy Moss' one-handed grab at the end of the first half to take the lead. The offense had under 80 yards of total net offense and the defense could not do much right at all. Darius Butler was picked on all afternoon and responded by being in position only to not make the play or commit a penalty. Brady got outplayed by dirty Sanchez and the second half was just ugly for the Pats. Here are some winners/losers from the game today.

1. Aaron Hernandez- the former Gator had over 100 yards receiving with multiple big plays to give the offense a spark
2. The pass rush- this was a area of concern but the unit had three sacks(two by Gerard Warren)

1. Darius Butler- picked on all day long in the secondary as explained above
2. Tom Brady- should be suicidal after being outplayed by a Mexican
3. Stephen Gostkowski- kicker is now 1/4 on the young season not exactly building up the confidence for clutch games.
4. Randy Moss- Brady was forcing him the ball all day and besides the fantastic touchdown grab he did nothing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Gryba

Eric Gryba is already making his presence felt in the NHL. Playing as part of the Senators Rookie team against their Maple Leafs counterparts. Gryba looked to be the enforcer he was for 4 years on Comm Ave. The Leaf's Nazem Kadri threw a blatant elbow at a Senators defender and served time for it. Immediately after coming out of the box, Gryba went after Kadri looking for a fight. Kadri tried to skate as Gryba grabbed his jersey, and another Leaf's player bailed Kadri out - Michael Liambas. Gryba and Liambas proceeded to fight, inevitably ending up as sort of a draw. The whole encounter energized the Senators, propelling them to a victory. Here's the video:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Randy being Randy...

Randy Moss has had all types of negative attention on him in the last couple days since he complained about his contract the week leading up to the season opening against the Bengals. Then also did in his postgame conference. Moss tried to clear it up talking to sportcenter this morning. Moss just cannot say anything right in the public's eye right now which is why he should just stop talking to the media all together. Moss has been shown in the team's postgame video as the leader of the cheer and had all the guys laughing. The contract needs to just be put to rest. Moss has a history of being a "me-first" guy which is why Belichick sat him down yesterday and told him to chill it out. Don't expect many more press conference from Moss this season as the media continues to bash him. He simply is a man who cannot speak his feelings in a good time and place. He just says them when he feels them. The media needs to get off his dick and let the guy play the damn game. He is still one of the great deep threats in the game and opens up tons of room for the other receivers on the roster. As Moss also addressed in his interview this morning, he is concerned with the Jets and making up for his poor performance against Darrell Revis last year. Moss just wants to win deep down

Tap dancer takes his game west

Pats' running back Laurence Maroney has been traded to the Denver Broncos and former coordinator Josh McDaniels. Maroney was fifth out of five running backs and a scratch in last week's game. Maroney never developed into the star running back the Patriots hoped for after drafting him the first round of 2006.Maroney was traded for a 2011 fourth round draft pick while the Patriots also sent a 2011 sixth round pick with Maroney to Denver. This obviously is the Patriots finally giving up hope on Maroney. Denver gives him a fresh start with a team that could use the depth and a familiar system as McDaniels was the offensive coordinator in New England for three of Maroney's years. Maroney was often criticized for his inability to pick a hole and drive through it. He would often be too patient waiting for a hole to open hence the tap dancer name title. Rumor is he is opening a new studio out in Denver where kids can learn how to tap dance and never hit the fucking hole.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pats win opener in impressive fashion

The Patriots look like a well oiled machine today against the Cincinnati Bengals jumping out to a 24-0 lead and never looking back to cruise to a 38-24 win. The Patriots defense looked very good throughout the first half. They seemed to lighten up on the intensity in the second half allowing the Bengals to pick up yards and points but to take up time at the same time. The team scored points in all three phases of the game as linebacker Gary Guyton returned his first career interception 59 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter. The second half also began with a bang as second year wide receiver Brandon Tate returned the kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. The team looked good throughout the game and the young secondary seems to be up to the challenge as they kept T.O. and OchoCinco in check throughout the first three quarters.

Here are my winners/losers for this Week 1 win(The Patriots seventh straight)

1. Tom Brady- 25/35 258 yds 3 TDS Great day for Brady and the first offense
2. Wes Welker- 8 rec 64 yards 2 TDS
3. Young Secondary- Butler and McCourty kept T.O. and Ochocinco in check all day while Pat Chung lead the team in tackles with 16.
4. Jerod Mayo- Clearly was the leader of the defense and had 8 solo tackles

1. Stephen Goskowski- Missed two field goals but both were 45+ yards so it is no reason to worry yet

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pavin Announces Captain's Picks for 2010 Ryder Cup

Corey Pavin announced his 4 Captain's Picks on Tuesday, rounding out the 12 man team for the October 1-3 Ryder Cup. For those who don't know, the Ryder Cup is held every two years between a US team and a European team. This year, the event is being held at Celtic Manor in Wales.

Rickie Fowler
The 21 year old Fowler was perhaps the biggest surprise amongst Pavin's picks. The tour rookie is winless in his 24 starts this year, making 16 cuts and having 5 top-10 finishes.  I can see the appeal to Fowler, a young kid looking to go out and prove himself on one of golf's biggest stages (he also finished top 20 over in Europe in the Open Championship, another good thought). But let's be serious - the kid looks like golf's equivalent of Justin Bieber, and hasn't won on either the PGA tour or Nationwide tour. He was in contention in numerous tournaments this year but always seemed to fade when it counted, a disparaging sign in a Ryder Cup pick. You can be sure that if Fowler throws up a goose egg when he gets his chances, Pavin will take some serious heat.

Tiger Woods
Woods was, to many, an obvious choice for a Captain's pick, due to his vast experience and ability to go low almost any time he steps on the course. Many people felt Woods compounded this with 3 sub-70 rounds at the Deutsche Bank Championship this past weekend. Here are my problems with all this:
1.) TPC Boston has proven to be the PGA tour's equivalent to "pitch and putt" (many total winning scores have been around -20 under). Of course he posted sub 70 rounds. In fact, it's probably a little embarrassing that he didn't post 4 of them.
2.) HE'S GOING THROUGH SWING CHANGES. Yeah let's throw a guy out there who is unsure of how his swing should feel.
3.) By his own admittance, he has been focusing more on his family life than his golf game. I'm not criticizing that (although I wonder where his concern for his family was when he was trolling for waitresses, but I digress), I'm just saying maybe the guy needs to clear his head before he will be able to compete at 100%.
4.) He isn't having a whole ton of sex anymore. You may be wondering why this is a bad thing, but consider this: Sex actually helps an athletes perfomance. Maybe what made Woods so great, besides his ridiculous amount of skill and willingness to practice, was screwing a different girl in every city.

Anyways, I feel that choosing Tiger was something that Pavin had to do from a PR standpoint, but I definitely think there were better choices for his spot.

Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink
I don't really have a problem with either of these picks. Johnson won an event this year and tied for third at the PGA. He has proven he has the ability to close when it matters and to perform under pressure - mainly due to his accurate driving and excellent putting.  Plus, Johnson is probably the only guy on tour who could literally swing a club in a room with 6 foot ceilings (his swing is crazy flat). There has to be something to be sad for that. Cink had perhaps an off year this year, with only 3 top 10's and no victories. However, Cink won a British Open in 2009, proving that he is more than capable of playing on courses over there. He also has played in 4 Ryder Cups, making him a valuable asset to the younger players. Of the 4 picks, Johnson and Cink are perhaps my favorite - they both have won majors, proven that pressure doesn't get to them when it counts, and have participated in previous Ryder Cups. I definitely think Pavin got these ones right.

With these 4 players, the US team looks like this:

1.) Phil Mickelson
2.) Hunter Mahan
3.) Bubba Watson
4.) Jim Furyk
5.) Steve Stricker
6.) Dustin Johnson
7.) Jeff Overton
8.) Matt Kuchar

9.) Rickie Fowler
10.) Tiger Woods
11.) Zach Johnson
12.) Stewart Cink

P.S. As this post is being finished (4 pm on Friday), all 4 Captains picks are participating in the BMW Championship. All 4 are over par for the tournament - Cink and Johnson at 1 over, Fowler at 2 over, and Woods at 3 over. Nice.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brady in car crash, still practices like a mofo

Patriots QB Tom Brady was in a fairly serous car accident this morning on the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Gloucester Street in Boston. Many players expressed relief that Brady was ok as he participated in a pre-practice walkthrough this morning. Reports were that Brady was fine and refused the opportunity to go to the hospital. One passeneger in the other car went into the hospital after having to be released from the SUV with the "Jaws of Life". Brady and the driver of the other car were seen walking around the scene of the accident. Brady seems to be fine and laughed off all the reporters waiting for him at his arrival at Gillette today.

UPDATE: Brady signed a 4 year 72 million extension yesterday with 48.5 million guranteed

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pats fill out practice sqaud,prepare for opener

The Pats have filled out their 8 man practice squad in the last couple days. They signed back linebacker Tyrone McKenzie and cornerbacks Tony Carter and Prince Miller while releasing tight end Jerod Maneri. This leaves the practice squad with no QB and only two out of the 61 players signed by the team.

The team also is close to signing franchise QB Tommy Brady to a four year extension according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter. The deal is supposedly worth four years and 72 to 80 million. Brady also hit on a number of subjects during his weekly call into WEEI
- He knows Randy Moss better than anyone and he will go out and do his job. He just understands that this game is a business.
- Brady will not watch Hard Knocks and hates how the Jets come across to the public. aka Brady is going to light them up in Week 2.

Also Chad Ochocinco had a conference call with the New England media and was very low key. He expressed his respect for Coach Belichick and refered to him as a close friend.

Also here are my predictions for the coming season as it starts tomorrow night with the Saints and Vikings in a repeat of last season's NFC Championship game.
*-indicates playoff teams
AFC East
1.* New England 11-5
2. *NY Jets 11-5
3.Miami Dolphins 9-7
4. Buffalo Bills 5-11

AFC North
1. *Baltimore Ravens 12-4
2. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7
3. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-9
4. Cleveland Browns 6-10

AFC South
1. *Indianapolis Colts 14-2
2. *Tenessee Titans 9-7
3. Houston Texans 8-8
4. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10

AFC West(Garbage)
1. *San Diego Chargers 10-6
2. Denver Broncos 9-7
3. Kansas City Chiefs 8-8
4. Oakland Raiders 6-10

NFC East
1. *Dallas Cowboys 11-5
2. NY Giants 10-6
3. Philly Eagles 10-6
4. Washington Redskins 8-8

NFC North
1. *Green Bay Packers 13-3
2. *Minnesota Vikings 11-5
3. Chicago Bears 6-10
4. Detroit Lions 5-11

NFC South
1. *Atlanta Falcons 11-5
2. *New Orleans Saints 11-5
3. Carolina Panthers 8-8
4. Tampa Bay Bucs 6-10

NFC West(also garbage)
1. *San Francisco 49ers 11-5
2. Arizona Cardinals 7-9
3. Seattle Seahwaks 6-10
4. Saint Louis Rams 6-10

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pats continue to fill in practice squad,prepare for Bengals

Patriots' coach Bill "The Hooded One" Belichick continues to fill out his eight man roster. He has signed these six so far:
1. RB Javarris James- undrafted rookie(Miami University), spent camp with Colts
2. TE Jeron Mastrud- undrafted rookie(Kansas State), spent camp with Bucs
3. WR Darnell Jenkins- just missed the 53 man roster and was signed back to the practice squad as soon as he cleared waivers
4. Shawn Crable- second year linebacker(Michigan)released by the team in the beginning of camp after failing his physical but returned in much better shape
5. Sergio Brown- undrafted rookie out of Notre Dame that seemed to be a dynamic special teams player in camp
6. C,G Rich Ohrenberger(Penn State) signed back after having a solid preseason finale against the Giants

- Look for two more to be signed this coming week. One hopefully being Andover,MA native and Brown alum Buddy Farnham

-Sixth round draft pick Ted Larsen has been claimed off the waivers by the Bucs. Larsen was a candidate to come back on the practice squad
- The Pats claimed offensive tackle Steve Maneri off waivers from Houston Texans. Maneri is an undrafted rookie out of Temple and was scouted as both a tight end and tackle.
- Tha Patriots waived linebacker Tyrone McKenzie after he originally made the 53 man roster. Look for him to possible come back as a practice squad player in the next week.
- Patriots' 7th round draft pick Thomas Welch signed with the Vikings' practice squad.
- Also Randy! said he felt not wanted by his current contract in New England. Probably already spent all of the money on ganja. 3 years and 27 million wouldn't make me feel unwanted. He should go hang with Logan(crybaby) Mankins about how they feel disrespected. Sound like a bunch of girls to me
- Also look for Jarvis Green to possibly be signed in the coming days as he was cut by the Broncos and has familiarity in the Patriots system.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Patriots cut 20, place McGowan on IR, trade for 2 others

The Patriots cut 20 yesterday as follows:
WR Sam Aiken - Surprise move shows the team's youth movement on defense and special teams
LB Eric Alexander - Another victim of the youth movement as he showed little promise to help on defense
S Sergio Brown -PQ- Expect Brown to be back on the practice squad if he clears waivers today
LB Derrick Burgess - The big name cut of the day. Was obviously hurt by being late to camp and a bad performance in the final preseason game
OL George Bussey - Got destroyed in the final preseason game no surprise here.
TE Carson Butler - No surpise here the tight end position was full from the beginning of camp
RB Thomas Clayton -PSQ- Showed some promise but could not compete with Benjarvus Green-Ellis
WR Buddy Farnham -PSQ- showed ability to play offense and defense which should land him on the practice squad
WR Darnell Jenkins -PSQ- showed promise and could land on practice squad
OL Ted Larsen -PSQ- played both sides of the ball and could land on practice sqaud
TE Rob Myers - This guy just sucks
OL Rich Ohrnberger -Second year lineman from Penn State never developed as Belichick hoped
WR Rod Owens -PSQ- Owens showed promise and could land on the practice sqaud on a WR loaded team
QB Zac Robinson -PSQ- He really isn't good but most teams with two qbs will keep a third on the practice squad
RB Chris Taylor -had some good moments but not enough to take down a veteran
DB Ross Ventrone - Should be on and off the roster all year unless someone else picks him up
OL Thomas Welch -PSQ- another young lineman who you look to be sticking around in Foxboro
LB Thomas Williams -This guy blows
CB DeAngelo Willingham -PSQ- Could stick with the PSqaud for depth at corner
LB Pierre Woods- lead the team in special teams tackles last year but just couldn't contribute enough at linebacker to make the team.

I out a PSQ next to players I expect to come back on the practice squad if they clear waivers which happens at noon today. The Patriots also place S Brandon McGowan on IR and traded for safeties Jarrad Page and linebacker Tracy White.

Accuracy of my predictions: QB-2/2
DL-6/7- Did not see Kyle Love making this team right out of camp
MLB-3/6 -Struggled here as a i predicted more OLBs to make the team
S-3/4-4/4- McGowan going on the IR ruins me here but the trade was impossible to predict

Overall 48/53 aint bad.(91%)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Game 4 breakdown ,53 man roster prediction

Game 4 of the preseason was one reserved mostly for bubble players as the deadline approaches to cut the roster down to 53 by 4 P.M. tomorrow and an 8 man practice squad being formed the day after. Rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski had another TD reception showing how crucial he could be in the red zone for Tom Brady this year. Here are some other key notes:

1. Rob Ninkovich- Made a strong case for roster spot by being disruptive all game long
2. Rod Owens- Had a 67 yard catch in the third quarter which may help him sneak on the roster or the practice squad.
3. Tyrone McKenzie- was making plays all over the field and looks to be a key special teams player.


1. Taylor Price- The rookie from Ohio hasn't showed much this preseason and that didn't change despite multiple opportunities in the finale.

2. Back-up lineman- Hoyer got roughed up last night as these guys seemed to be not pass protecting at all

Now it is my turn to try to make all the decisions for Belichick and see how close I actually get. If I get all 53 right and the 8 man practice squad it will be a miracle since no one can understand how the hooded one thinks.
53 Man Roster predictions

1. Tom Brady
2. Brian Hoyer
3. Zac Robinson
1. Fred Taylor
2. Laurence Maroney
3. Sammy Morris
4. Kevin Faulk
5. BenJarvus Green- Ellis
1. Randy Moss
2. Wes Welker
3. Julian Edelman
4. Taylor Price
5. Brandon Tate
6. Matthew Slater
7. Sam Aiken
TE- 3
1. Alge Crumpler
2. Aaron Hernandez
3. Rob Gronkowski
1. Matt Light
2.Sebastian Vollmer
3.Dan Koppen
4. Nick Kazcur
5. Stephen Neal
6.Dan Connolly
7.Mark Levoir
8. Ryan Wendell
1. Vince Wilfork
2. Mike Wright
3. Gerard Warren
4.. Mike Wright
5. Myron Pryor
6. Ron Brace
7. Brandon Deadrick
1. Tully Banta-Cain
2. Jerod Mayo
3. Rob Ninkovich
4. Derrick Burgess
5. Brandon Spikes
6. Jermaine Cunningham
7. Tyrone McKenzie
8. Pierre Woods
CBs- 5
1. Devin McCourty
2. Darius Butler
3. Jonathan Wilhite
4. Terrence Wheatley
5. Kyle Arrington
S- 4
1. Brandon Meriweather
2. Pat Chung
3. James Sanders
4. Brandon McGowan

K- Stephen Gostkowski
P- Zoltan Mesko

LS- 1
Jake Ingram

8 man practice squad
1. Rod Owens WR
2. Chris Taylor RB
3. Sergio Brown S
4. Eric Alexander LB
5. Buddy Farnham WR,S
6. Thomas Welch Ol,DL
7. Ted Larsen OL,DL
8. Marques Murrell OLB

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Patriots place Bodden, 3 others on IR, cut one other

The Patriots placed number one corner Leigh Bodden on IR yesterday as one of their five roster moves to bring the 80 man roster down to 75. The Pats also place defensive lineman Darryl Richard(foot) and reserve safeties Bret Lockett(chest) and Josh Barrett(shoulder). The Pats also waived rookie cornerback Terrence Johnson who was a long shot to make the roster.

Also out of Foxboro today, Matt Light told reporters to expect a solid effort with plenty of passion in Tomorrow night's preseason finale. The Patriots did not perform well in their last preseason game and tomorrow will be a test to see how they respond even though the starters are not expected to play long. The last game is usually reserved mostly for guys on the bubble to make the 53 man roster Saturday at 4p.m.

Stay tuned in the coming days for my 53 man roster prediction and preseason game 4 recap.