Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BC ranked #1 in USA preseason poll...fuck HE predicions/rant

The USA Today preseason hockey poll came out a couple days ago with no big surprises. The fuckfaces down the street start off #1 in the country with many experts picking them to repeat as national champions. NESN, ESPN Boston and other news outlets are already going crazy for Newton College to actually do something well in a sport since their football team sucks with a 26 year old QB. At least when we have 26 year old players like Matty Gilroy, we win championships. Their 26 year old sophomore QB sucks dick. But let's not get distracted with the rest of their athletic department.
Their hockey team has to try to repeat while being ranked number one in the country... an almost impossible task. Jack Parker had a conversation with Eagles' coach Jerry York at a beanpot game two years ago where York explained the toughest thing to do in college hockey was to repeat and stay hungry for that next one. This is especially tough at big time hockey schools as was way too evident for us last year. I can already predict how this season will go for the choir boys down the road...they will be extremely inconsistent. They will not stay one for long because they are a bunch of pansy ass little fucks who think the world should bow down to them because they do to that to priests everyday and call it theology class. The kids were already driving into the T before the they got out of school. Don't expect that to change as the school covered their asses and blamed the T driver. Like really?! Everyone in Boston knows the T drivers are drunker than you no matter what. They won't have the drive or effort to win another one despite all their talent returning for another season.
BU is predicted to be fourth in the conference but 14th nationally. I would rather not be ranked to start off the season. I want that extra chip on the shoulder for Parker to use. I want us to win it all and have Joe Pereira look into the camera on ESPN and pull of the Rodney Harrison(in a sling quote) "Nobody believed we could do it! But we believed in ourselves!" Like granted someone forgot to tell Rodney the Pats were favored to win that SB by 10.
These polls and predictions mean nothing but give teams reasons to work harder. That is why UMASS and Northeastern scare me this year and Merrimack doesn't. UMASS and NEU are already being called dead with no chance. They have all the motivation in the world to come out and outwork teams despite differences in talent. Merrimack and their little french bitch Da Costa think they're going to be good because they were OK last year for the first time ever. My prediction is they fall back before taking another step forward. OK ill shut up now and just list my predictions for Hockey East in the coming season.
HE predictions
1. Maine-Easily the most solid team if they lay off the moonshine
2. UNH- I think this is the year they avoid the second half collapse
3. BU- The Terriers outwork teams to set up solid position for the postseason
4. BC- The alter servers serve up plenty of bread and wine to other teams this year leaving Muse hanging all year with lazy defense.
5. UVM- They are always good. That's my reasoning...and they have great cheese.
6. UMASS Lowell- They finish higher than expectations but slow at the end of the year as multiple players are arrested for dealing cocaine.
7. Northeastern- They get back into the HE playoffs but don't have enough scoring to get very far.
8. UMASS- They just don't have the talent but they still scare me of getting hot with some good chemistry
9.Merrimack- Da Costa breaks his leg after MacGregor comes out off the bench like the German tanks came through the woods in WWII and sends him off the ice waving a white flag.
10. PC- They are alter boys with much less talent than their Newton brothers.

P.S. If you think I am just a pussy who only talks shit about BC, I guarantee you BSRS will make their presence felt December 4th BU at BC. We got our sign taken away last year but this year we have a plan in place that security can't fuck up.

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