Monday, October 15, 2012

Dog Pound Hockey for Dummies

[second installment here: Dog Pound Chants] FAQ: What is the Dog Pound?
We are The Dog Pound. Founded in 1972, we are a group of rabid and passionate fans who support BU's athletic teams.

What does the Dog Pound do?
We show up in droves at Agganis Arena, Case Gym, Nickerson Field, Walter Brown Arena, and anywhere BU is competing, near or far.

What are the goals of the Dog Pound?
Our main objectives are to stand, be loud, go crazy, and have fun while supporting Terrier athletics.

How does the Dog Pound describe success?
2012 longtime BU Head Coach Jack Parker stated "I think they think they help us win, but I don’t think they know how much they help us win." In 2005, CBS College Sports recognized The Dog Pound as the best student section in all of college hockey. The players agree... AS DO OUR ENEMIES.

What are the most important things for the Dog Pound?
That the opposing team knows when they come to play BU, they will be hearing us the whole time.

What does it mean to be in the Dog Pound?
The only requirement for being a member of The Dog Pound is the willingness to show up at games, be loud, and passionately support our Terriers.


New Dog Pound members! Welcome to the greatest fan base in college hockey. During your time with The Dog Pound, you’ll hopefully make as many lifelong memories as I have. Good friends, great hockey, and an outstanding passion for our Terriers are what this whole thing is about. I’m not writing here to tell you who to love and who to hate (hint: BC SUCKS), because those opinions should grow from personal experiences. QQ, GW, FM and the other bloggers...each may be more passionate about supporting or condemning certain players and teams, and being unique and genuine in your fanhood is important. Don’t hate Northeastern and BC just because I say you should; go to this year’s Beanpot and away games at Matthews Arena or Conte Forum and see for yourself how awful they are, both as fans and as people. Make them earn your hatred (trust me, they will). Although those NU kids are particularly pathetic...

While hockey traditionally has the biggest student turnout and the richest history of success, BU Athletics are not just about hockey! Among the ongoing projects for the Dog Pound is the expansion of student support from its fervent appreciation for men's ice hockey to the rest of BU athletics.

Alright. Enough bullshit rambling. Whether you’re a freshman, senior, graduate student, parent or the top Terrier prospect, every one of the Dog Pound members was once unfamiliar with BUDP traditions. I wrote this to get everyone on the same page regarding some of our in-game routines at Agganis Arena.

  • Stand! Always. When the refs take the ice at the beginning of each period we should all be standing, and no one sits until the end of the period (when the players leave the ice). The boys put in a lot more effort than us every game. Personally, I don’t think it’s a problem to stand in support of the team when they’re giving 110% on the ice. Their job is much harder than ours.
  • Tickets. This isn't your sister's wedding. It's hockey. The seating charts aren't planned beforehand (unless we're choreographing). Student sections (108 and 118) are general admission, despite what it might say on your ticket. If you want to sit in a specific row or area of the section, get there early and stake your claim!
  • MascotRhett is our Mascot. You may wonder why our mascot is named Rhett. It's simple. BU's colors are Scarlet and White (NOT red and white), and Rhett loves Scarlett. Haven't seen Gone with the Wind? What's wrong with you? Or if you don't approve of our classy mascot references...
  • Hockey jerseys are recommended but obviously not mandatory. Not everyone has the money to shell out for a jersey from the bookstore. But if you DO, you should absolutely be wearing a jersey to the games. BC kids call themselves “Superfans” but they show up late to Beanpot finals games and when they arrive, they’re wearing piss-yellow T-shirts. Don’t be like them. Real fans wear jerseys.
  • Dirty Laundry Lists - keep an eye out for these papers distributed by senior Dog Pound members before the game. It’s basically a who’s who of players and staff to hate on from the opposing team, including chant ideas and the background of the well-known scandals and shortcomings of whatever team BU is about to beat.
  • There is a BU hockey fan who rarely makes appearances at Agganis while wearing a jersey. He is a bigger fan than you or me and has been for a long time. He is loved by the Terrier faithful, feared by our opposition, and rarely understood by anyone who isn't a college hockey fan. His name? SASQUATCH.

    You don't need to know Sasquatch's backstory to love him or to be motivated by his power and glorious energy. Many don't want to know. For the inquisitive, he does have a name and a story. Many feel that his is a presence at BU hockey games better left as an unexplained legend.
  • Pregame Introductions for the visiting team - turn around. Follow everyone else’s lead. Chanting “ohhhhhhh” and when our PA-God, Jim, announces each visiting player’s name, inform them that [name announced] “SUCKS” and return to the “oohhh”. After the fifth skater’s name is announced and while Jim is introducting their goaltender, yell “SIEVE SIEVE SIEVE SIEVE SIEVE”.
  • Introduction: GET LOUDDDD! When our starting goaltender is introduced, bow down to him! The Superman theme song will be played by the band. It’s also customary to bow down in respect of any excellent saves our goalie makes during the game.
  • Introduction: After our starting Terriers are announced, Jim will announce the coaching staff, at which point our chant of "PAR-KER PAR-KER PAR-KER" begins.
  • Puck drop. Get LOUD, and as the zebra gets ready to drop the puck, join Jim in shouting "LET'S PLAY HOCKEY!"
  • Once the game is underway, feel free to start your own chants! Every bit of Terrier Pride will help the team stay motivated and energetic.
  • Powerplay! At the start of each powerplay the band will play “The Song”. You’ll catch on. It’s the one that has “Rough ‘em up, rough ‘em up, BC SUCKS” in the lyrics (or an alternative R-rated version if you listen more closely).
  • Penalty Kill! When the puck drops and BU is on the penalty kill, we do a continuous “OLE!” chant. If you’re not sure how it goes, clap along and listen to the chants from older Dog Pound members. Try to stay on pace, ‘cause it’s easy to speed up the chant over the course of the PK and then it just falls apart. This isn’t the most exciting chant we do but it’s one of the most important. It’s a long chant, the point of which is to make our presence known in support of the team while their backs are against the wall trying to kill off the visiting powerplay.
  • The Alcohol Trio/Quartet - Per tradition of the BU Band, during the first three stoppages of play in the third period, the Alcohol Trio is played, consisting of "Budweiser", "Tequila" and BC Sucks, formally known as "Eat 'Em Up". Recently, the band has also played LMFAO's "Shots" regularly at the end of the Trio. Because of this I've decided to call the whole thing the Alcohol Quartet, because reasons.
    • Part 1 - Third period, first whistle, the band will play a song where the Dog Pound members bob up and down. At the end of the song, we yell “ANHEUSER BUSCH, ST. LOUIS MISSOURI, LET’S GET DRUNK!” Someone in each section will yell “RESPONSIBLY?” and we respond “NOOO!”
    • Part 2 - Third period, second whistle, the band will play the song Tequila. We do an arm raise over our heads. 108 and 118 mirror each other in the direction of the arm sweep. It’s easy to pick up and always the same direction. At the end of the song, we yell, “TEQUILA! LET’S GET MORE DRUNK!” and someone from each section will yell “IRRESPONSIBLY?” to which we’ll respond, “YESSSSSS!” followed by an optional “JO-SE CUER-VO” chant.
    • Part 3 - The BU Band will play "BC SUCKS". A classic. In the past this has been the final song of what is normally the Alcohol Trio.
    • Part 4 - The BU Band will play LMFAO’s “Shots”, after which we continue the lyrics in chant form.
  • Rick Rolled. Self explanatory. This was a little old last year because Rick Astley’s gloriously 80's music video hasn’t been relevant on the internet for years. But now, it’s just meta-retro and awesome again. Belt out the lyrics. I know you know them. At the end of the chorus, the chant is “YOU GOT RICK ROLLED!”
  • Monty Python! You’ll recognize this song when the BU Band plays it. Feel free to gallop along! At the end of the song, we “DIS-MOUNT!” and the chant begins of “SHRUBBERY! SHRUBBERY!” etc
  • BU GOAL! Don’t celebrate so hard you forget to demean the sieve on whom we just scored! The BU Band will play our goal song for a few seconds and at the end, we give a “ROUGH EM UP, ROUGH EM UP, BC SUCKS, SIEVE!” for each goal scored (or the R-rated alternative). Check this link for an example.
  • After each goal, we’ll chant the sieve's name once for each goal. For example, against Toronto after the third goal 108 chanted “WILLOWS, WILLOWS, YOU SUCK”, then 118 followed suit, going back and forth until he was adequately shamed for all three goals. Each section does as many chants as there are goals. Yes, with a team as awesome as ours this can get exhausting after the fifth goal, but that’s half the fun.
  • The Song.  

        • Learn it, know it, chant it, LOVE IT. Simple, yet aggressive.
  • Feel free to heckle opposing goaltenders all of the time. RSIG doesn’t like us getting too intense about it, but then again, RSIG sucks. “[GOALIE NAME], YOU SUCK” chirps are always fine but be careful to toe the line.
  • End of the game: the BU Band will play our Fight Song. After they’ve finished that, for every home win at Agganis the Band (best band ever) plays us out with a killer cover of Bruce Channel’s "Hey Baby". After that, on the way out of the arena (Agganis or away), listen for someone starting the song "BU Goes Marching In". The chant proceeds as follows, with one person or a couple leading and the crowd echoing his/her/their words:

[leader(s) - singing] Oh when BU, goes marching in... Oh when BU, goes, march-ing, in... Oh how I want, to be in the num-bers, when BU goes marching in.

[leader(s) - shouting] OH WHEN BU!
[crowd] OH WHEN BU!

[leader(s)] GOES MARCHING IN!

[repeat without song intro]

If all that stuff seems like a lot, it's just cause we're awesome. The Dog Pound is rich in tradition and history but above all of that, it's a family. All Terriers are welcome. Never let anyone tell you that you can't try to start chants in your section. We're all in this together. Get involved! Go to every home game! Come with us on trips to away games! You won't regret diving right into the Dog Pound community. LET'S GO TERRIERS.


I added in sort of a "Not Cool, Bro" section. The above notes were all of the DO's for BU Hockey. Here are the DON'Ts.

  • DON'T wear anything in Agganis that is branded or associated with BC or the team against which BU is playing. If you have friends visiting from that school and they wanted to get a taste of what real hockey passion is about, that's cute and all....but please keep them away from me or prepare them to be heckled.
  • DON'T leave and enter the sections while the game is going on. Please wait until the whistle blows to walk in front of the rest of us trying to watch. Don't make Rhett's mistake (why does he always forget?!). Heed the urging of the jumbotron pregame PSA.
  • DON'T "Boo" our players. BU hockey has gone through some tough times, especially lately. There are sporting events and fan bases that are particularly harsh and demanding with their players, and when the players don't play up to expectations, they boo just as they would the opponents. Some people like it that way; we don't. The Dog Pound and BU hockey perseveres in the face of adversity through positivity, collective spirit and being a family.
  • DON'T interrupt the Voice of the Terriers, Jim. Jim is the man, and you should respect that. As such, when Jim is announcing anything, hold your chants. When in doubt, wait until a senior BUDP member (flagholder in 118 or that loud asshole or two in the upper middle of 108) starts the chants back up. Example: after Cisse scores, do NOT start the "Cisse Puede" chant until Jim is completely done announcing the goal (Cisse's name, the assisting players, and the time of the goal).
  • DON'T put down your fellow Terrier faithful. We are a family...and while in some families brothers and sisters beat the shit out of each other and steal each other's things and tattle on each other...okay maybe we're not a realistic family. We're a family like you see in Pleasantville or something. In the best sense of the word. So cut the shit and support each other!
  • When in doubt, DON'T just wing it! Ask someone!
  • DON'T leave the game early. I don't care if BU is losing 5-0 in the last 25 seconds of the third period, we should be there to support the team until they leave for the locker room.


  1. Should we add a little something about student section seating? Saw some kiddies actually looking at their tickets for the seats. Sections, not seats are guaranteed... at least that's what I've always been taught (Although, I know it goes against "Agganis Rules". Want good seats? Get there early for warm-ups!

  2. A Senior Dog Pound MemberOctober 15, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    Another note from a senior Dog Pound member:

    This was not mentioned, but the OH WHEN BU chant is reserved for away game victories. The BSRB mistakenly said on the way out of Agganis (insert name of another team's less awesome arena or forum in its place).

    Dont be afraid to start a chant. We'll join in unless it's:
    (a) too vulgar for Agganis
    (b) is something we do at away games
    (c) out of order in a tradition (Player chant names for goals after Jim speaks is always started by the flag holders in 118 and senior members in the 108, same with the song on Power Plays and oles during PKs)
    (d) not loud enough! (we have to hear you to go along!)

    1. I disagree. I have done the OH WHEN BU song at Agganis a few times in my day. Specifically when we play 2 game series at Agganis and sweep whoever we play. For some reason Maine in 2009-2010 season comes to mind. Also the regular fans(children, old alumni etc) like when we exit Agganis chanting so maybe a new song/chant is needed.

      I do agree that the OH WHEN BU is played anywhere from BU whenever we win

    2. Sing oh when BU when it feels right. If it's a ho-hum win over someone, maybe not. If it's a big comeback win, or a win over BC, or a big time out of conference game, or perhaps we clinched home ice in the playoffs or even the regular season title, go for it. Historically, it's been mostly for away games, but there's no reason not to do it when it feels right at home and everyone's still amped up following a win. Just wait for Hey Baby to end :P.

    3. Agreed with Fuzzy (sweet name and Wire reference, btw). OH WHEN BU has been belted out in the Agganis lobby dozens of times. It's the most delicious and effective after an away win, but it's not out of place at home.

      Groupthink and crowd dynamics are the biggest filter for chants. On multiple occasions I've screamed things at opposing players that I refuse to repeat in front of my family. Starting chants is different; if a chant is over the line, no one will want to join in. I may or may not have had this happen to even me while trying to start chants. The same goes for chants that just aren't clever or funny. HOWEVER, that shouldn't stop anyone from trying to start chants. All of the classic chants, each one originated from a single BUDP member who thought it would be a good idea.

  3. Agree with fuzzydunlop. If it feels right, just do it. No reason to not do a chant because we're at home or not.

  4. Why dont you post an earlier run down of the dirty laundry list during the week?

    1. We here at BSRS aren't the ones who produce the DLL, but would be more than happy to post it if it was given to us.