Monday, October 15, 2012

New polls..BU continues to climb

The BU Terriers rose one spot in the poll for the second straight week. They now sit at #11 overall after winning in their season opener against PC.  The Terriers continue to climb from their pre-season spot at #13. Here is my breakdown of the rest of the poll.

1. Minnesota(46)- Minnesota is the new number one. They dismantled Michigan State this weekend putting up 12 goals during the two game set. Those wins along with a BC loss leads them to get 46 of the 50 possible first place votes. They should have gotten all of them.
2. North Dakota(1)- Minnesota's chief rival comes in at number 2 by not playing this weekend. That tells you what kind of weekend the top 5 had.
3. BC(2)- I would like to know what morons still voted BC 1 after they got abused by Northeastern Saturday night.
4.Miami- Two wins and they jump up 4 spots
5. Michigan- They lost to RIT at home on Friday, but rebounded on Saturday with a decisive win. Still not a good look to be losing to Atlantic Hockey teams at home as us BU fans learned all too well last October.

6. Cornell- They move down a spot from not playing a game this weekend, which shows how weird the polls are.
7. Denver
8. Union- They lost to unranked Merrimack at home, yet they still get a first place vote. Whoever voted for them cannot say with a straight face that Union is the best team in the country.
9. Notre Dame- They won the Ice Breaker in front of 5 people which is the same amount of spots they moved up in the polls because of it.
10. Lowell- They tied UVM at home in their opener. Not a good way to start off the season. We're going to learn quickly what type of team Lowell is. They aren't a trap game anymore and teams get geared up for them.
11. BU- Best team in the country but we prefer the slow and steady move up the polls.
12. Western Michigan- They split this past weekend at home with St. Lawrence which doesn't help their stock but I still like them as a Frozen Four team.
13. Minnesota-Duluth
14. Northeastern- Big jump from the Huskies after beating BC on Saturday and Merrimack last week. All 4 Beanpot schools are now 17 or higher in the polls. Imagine if it stays this way until February?
15. UNH- Sweeps St. Cloud State to get off to a good start. Now they get BU at home this coming Saturday.
16. Ferris St.
17. Harvard
17. Northern Michigan
19. Colorado College
20. Quinnipiac

Other notables receiving votes:  Wisconsin, Maine, Merrimack,  PC

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