Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Freshman's Guide To Dog Pound Chants

It's finally here, Terriers. The second installment of the burgeoning Dog Pound Hockey for Dummies series, all about Dog Pound chants. A rundown of the best ways to use the air in your lungs for the betterment of BU hockey, whether by supporting our Terriers or heckling the opposition. Let's get to it.

This first section will focus on all the miscellaneous chants you'll see and hear during games at Agganis. This is not comprehensive - there are chants in the original post that I didn't bother to recopy here. 



[general tip: It's best to start chants while the game is going on. If the whistle blows to stop play, chances are the band or the PA system is about to start making noise and your chant won't be heard.]

GO BU - couldn't be simpler. Yell this as loud as you can, repeat as needed. This is also the standard chant used to help motivate the team after they let in a goal. Listen for the band to set the beat if this happens.

Let’s Go Terriers (claps) - Anything in this post with "claps" at the end has the standard [clap - clap - clapclapclap] in between shouted phrases. This and "GO BU" are the two stand by chants, applicable any time during the game. Not a real chant: Let's Go B-U (claps) This chant usually gets started by BU fans who aren't students, often by younger kids who are trying to be involved. When they're looking at us to join in, I'm all for validating their fan-hood...but let's not start this one ourselves. Doesn't work.

Goalie - Sieve - Goalie - Sieve - simple enough. Point at our goalie, point at their sieve. This chant ends with a slower "Goalieeeee," then "Sieeeeveeee", and a point at our bench for "Parkerrrrr"

Sasquatch - Sieve - Sasquatch - Sieve - Used anytime Sasquatch makes an appearance in 118. You will not miss it when it happens.

This next one is an echoed chant between a leader and the crowd, building to a chant in unison while jumping up and down. It's pretty awesome. [leader] REPEAT AFTER ME! [leader] I! [crowd repeats] [leader] I believe! [crowd repeats]
[leader] I believe that! [crowd repeats]
[leader] I believe that we! [crowd repeats]
[leader] I believe that we will! [crowd repeats]

(opposing goalie removes mask) Ugly Goalie! (claps) (repeat) (mask replaced) Hooray! (our goalie removes mask) Sexy Goalie! (claps) (repeat) (mask replaced) Awww! 

Gimme an O-R-G-A-S-M What’s that spell? Orgasm! What does it sound like?! [everyone moans] - this is one from 108 in the last couple of years. Used sparingly to preserve hilarity. RSIG does not approve.

Penalty called on Cisse? Chant at the ref - You’re a racist! (claps)

The following chant we typically reserve for blowout games or wins that otherwise seem locked up. Superstitions are rampant throughout the Dog Pound, and anyone starting chants with the potential to jinx the team is gonna get the stink eye.
[leader] Do I see a winning team - [crowd] Yes I see a winning team
[leader] Do I see a losing team - [crowd] Yes I see a losing team
[all, while pointing] Winning Team - Losing team - Winning Team - Losing Team

BU typically has a pretty productive offensive corps. This means that every so often (cough PC weekend last year cough), they'll put up six goals on the opposition. Whenever this happens, we get to do one of my favorite series of chants ever: The BU Football chants! (because a touchdown in football is six points and we don't have a football team, you see. you should all have gotten that one anyway) -- BU scores its 6th goal - TOUCHDOWN TERRIERS [claps]
-- Before and right after BU scores its 7th goal - BU FOOTBALL! [claps]
-- After BU scores its 7th goal - GO FOR TWO! GO FOR TWO!

Each time the boys score, of course we go nuts. But then the puck drops and it's back to work to get the next one. To keep them moving forward, we chant to recognize and reward the goalscorer that put one on the board. For most of the team, we simply chant their names. But there are a few exceptions. When the following guys score a goal, they have their own special chants we use. Matt Nieto - Glory, glory Matt Nieto! [x3] BU goes skating on! [The tune of "Glory, Glory Man United". You'll pick it up.]
Evan Rodrigues - E-Rod! E-Rod!
Wade Megan - Captain Megan!
Sahir Gill - Sa-here! Sa-there! He’s Sa-everywhere! [repeat]
Ahti Oksanen - AHTI AHTI AHTI! OY OY OY! [repeat]
Cason Hohmann - Texas Toast! Texas Toast!

I Have a Little Rosen (to the tune of I Have a Little Dreidel)
Rosen Rosen Rosen
He can really play
Rosen Rosen Rosen
He always saves the day
Rosen Rosen Rosen
He will make you say
Rosen Rosen Rosen
BU all the way. Hey!

Sexy Goalie Song (to the tune of Frère Jacques)
Matt O'Connor, Matt O'Connor [worths with Sean Maguire too]
Saves the puck, saves the puck
He is really sexy
Really really sexy
Let's go fuck. Let's go fuck
[G-rated endings around the kids, ie. BC sucks BC sucks]

If you get lost or you're unsure, just keep an ear out and someone who knows will start the chant.

THE ENEMY Ah, yes. Personally my favorite section of chants because I'm a belligerent asshole: the chants we direct at the rest of the Hockey East teams who come into our house to lose. Boston College (Newton Community College aka The Outhouse on the Hill)
Not From Boston (claps)
If you can’t get into college, go to church!
If you can’t get into church, go to hell!
Safety School
Sunday School
They drink, they drive, they run away and hide!

Your priest touched you! (claps)
Jesus Hates You! (claps)
Jesus Loves Us! (claps)
(at Beanpot) Bean-Pot-Trot, Bean-Pot-Trot 

----------------------------------------------------------> Yes, this is a real thing.
----------------------------------------------------------------------> Sucks to BC.

BC SONGS! #1, to the theme of "For Boston" their fight song.
For Newton, For Newton
The Outhouse on the hill!
For Newton, For Newton
They suck and always will!
So here’s to the outhouse on the hill,
Cause Boston College sucks and they always will,
For Newton, For Newton,
The outhouse on the hill!

#2, in honor of head coach Jerry York
Jerry York is a horse’s ass!
He’s the meanest! 
Sucks the biggest penis!
Jerry York is a horse’s ass!

Gimme an A! Gimme another A! Gimme another A! Grade Inflation! (claps)
UMass Cambridge (claps)
Yale is better! (claps)

Honestly, Merrimack hasn't earned their way into consistent hatred yet. In the past, their dirty play and lack of skill has earned them the nickname "Merrihack" among some Dog Pound members. But really, they're not worth the effort to design a chant. For now they're the lukewarm, stale porridge of the Hockey East. Direct your chants at individual players and goaltenders as per usual.

UMass Lowell (Low, Lower, Lowest, Lowell sign, feat. Will McColl)
What’s a Riverhawk? (claps) ... seriously what the hell is it?
UMass Rejects (claps)
If you can't get into college, go to State! (clap clap) If you can't get into State, go to Lowell! (clap clap)

You’re all husky! (claps)
Red and Black, Red and Black, NU Girls have got the clap!
19-88! (claps) [the last time they won the beanpot. You're right...that is pathetic]
UMass Roxbury (claps)
Zero! Relevance! Zero! Relevance! (after they do their "north! eastern!" chant)

The wheels on your house go (round and round x3) cause you’re white trash!
(blowout or safe lead, end of 3rd period) Start your houses! (claps)
Various redneck, hick and incest-related jokes

If you can’t get into college, go to church!
If you can’t get into church, go to hell!
Sunday School
Jesus Hates You/Jesus Loves Us! (claps)

If you can’t get into college, go to state!
If you can’t get into state, kill yourself!
We Last Longer! (claps)...because they're the Minutemen. GET IT?!
Please Don’t Riot! (claps)

Vermont (the Catmounters)
[all of the chants used with Maine]
Dirty hippies! (claps)

UNH (University of No Hardware)
[all of the chants used with Maine and Vermont]
Classic sign idea: UNH Loves Dick (Umile) - copyright Will McColl enterprises

Yup. So that about covers the majority of the chants we've been using lately in Agganis. Of course, new chants are always being tried out and we want everyone to be involved in that process. If you've got an idea for a chant, try and start it! Don't worry if everyone looks at you like you're a moron, because even if you are, we've all been in that position before (it happens to QQ like every day). I'm still looking for a way to work the RUFI-O RUFI-O RU-FI-OOOO chant into the BUDP routine. Let me know if you have any ideas. New chants pick up throughout the year and we'll all be on the same page before you know it. The games against Toronto and Providence were outstanding in terms of the noise and enthusiasm coming from 108 and 118. Agganis staff was impressed, as were our opponents. Keep it going, the season's just getting started!


  1. for Matt O'Conner (Rufio): MATTY-O MATTY-O MA-TTY-OOOOOOOOOO

  2. What happened to the Dog Pound that was ruthless?... The Dog Pound of today is nowhere near as vicious as the good ol'pound of the past. Also if you expect people to be more "classy" with the chants as you have advertised, maybe an updated guide to the list is due.