Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated USCHO poll

The new meaningless polls came out this afternoon and BU fell 2 spots due to Saturday's loss at UNH. BU now sits at #13 overall in the middle of a pack of HE teams from 11-15(With Minnesota-Duluth squeezed inbetween). Here is a breakdown of the rest of the poll.

1. Newton University(27)- They scraped by against UMass and then beat NU at home. Micheletto(Umass coach) should have gone all Denny Green after they blew a 4-1 lead to BC in the third on Friday night.
2. Minnesota(12)- When you lose to Michigan Tech, you don't deserve to be number 1 anymore.
3. Miami(4)- Went to OT 2 straight nights with PC at home and came away with 3 points
4. North Dakota(1)- They are really going to free fall when BU sweeps them next weekend in UND.
5. Denver(3)- They beat Lowell like all good teams should
  6. Michigan
7. Cornell(1)
8. Union(1)- Who is the idiot who keeps voting for them? Please stop. They are Merrimack's only win to date. They aren't a top 5 team, nevermind number 1.
9. Notre Dame
10. Western Michigan- They will be in the frozen four. Mark it down right now.
11. Lowell- Weekend split with the Colorado College salvages a rough start for the Riverhawks.
12. UNH(1)- They must be decent if they beat BU but their fans are less than stellar. The fish they threw on the ice was smaller than my goldfish at home.
13. BU- You don't want to be #1 in October anyway. It takes time to build some chemistry as a team. They played hard for 60 minutes Saturday and have room to improve but the effort is there. That is key with a team this talented.
14. Minnesota-Duluth
15. Northeastern- They couldn't pull off two wins over BC in a week but will have another tough test at UNH Friday.
16. Northern Michigan
17. Harvard
18. Ferris State
19. Colorado College
20. Quinnipiac

Receiving votes: PC, Merrimack, UMass

Receiving votes for the worst team ever: Maine
- They are killing our pairwise rankings later in the year by sucking so much early in the season. Being 1-4 just isn't good with all of the losses coming out of conference.

Quick Hockey East Power Rankings
1. UNH- They look strong because well, they are UNH and it is October so they're playing their best hockey right now.
2. BU-Big weekend coming up with UMass. They need to take 3-4 points to get some confidence going forward.
3.BC- BC sucks
4. NU-Big test for them is at UNH this Friday
5. PC-Took Miami to ot twice this past weekend and seem to be ready to be a force in league play
6. Lowell- Beat Colorado College to salvage their weekend after getting thrashed by Denver.
7. UMass- Blowing a 3 goal lead in the third period could hurt this team or they can rebound from it and go on a run.
8. UVM- road tie against Lowell could give them the spark they need to begin the year
9. Merrimack-Getting swept in Alaska is less than ideal
10. Maine- They can't score, play defense, or get good goal tending so far. Besides that, things are looking up.

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