Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feliz Miguel's Cawlidge Hawkey Power Rankings 10/24

Leading off with HEA...

1.  UNH (3-0-0) (LW: 3, QQ: 1) -The 'Cats offense continues to be stellar, rolling over BU with a big loud crowd at their back in NH.  Would become clear favorite in HEA with a sweep at NU.

2. BU (1-1-0) (LW 1, QQ: 2)--Tough loss against UNH but O'Connor looks like he could be shaping up to have a great season.  Win against Providence also looks even better after this past weekend.

3. BC (2-1-0) (LW: 4, QQ: 3)--Shakiness for first 2 1/3 frames against Deerfield State should be a cause for concern among Eagles devotees.  Should be worried if they don't take 3 points from seemingly mediocre Lowell

4. Providence (0-2-1) (LW: 5, QQ, 5)--Performances have not been reflected in their record, with 2 road losses to highly ranked teams, one of which was in OT this past weekend against really strong Miami.  Tying the Redhawks ain't too shabby either.

5. Northeastern (2-1-0) (LW: 2, QQ: 4)--Conte is a tough place to win and BC was seeking revenge from the week before.  Not too down on the Huskies even after that shutout.  2 points against UNH would be a solid sign for the season, 3 and they're officially a solid outside shot for home ice.

6. UMass (1-1-0) (LW: 10, QQ: 7)--Looked great for 45 minutes against BC.  Another chance to prove themselves against BU this weekend, which will be thwarted by O'Connor and Maguire's shutout efforts.

7. Vermont (0-0-1) (LW: 9, QQ: 8)--Beneficiary of other bottom four teams looking bad this weekend.  Playing two at Merrimack will give the other Cats another chance to pick some points up.

8. UMass-Lowell (1-1-1) (LW: 7, QQ: 6)--Only this high because of disasters at Maine and the Mack.  Perhaps starting Doug Carr would have had a better result at Denver but goalscoring still was a problem.  CC win is still iffy until proven otherwise.

9. Merrihack (1-3-0) (LW: 6, QQ:9)--Gut check time in North Andover.  This weekend against UVM is their season, and not getting at least two points could send Warriors spiraling toward missing the HEA Quarters.  Tirronen is a huge question mark in net.

10. Maine (1-4-0) (LW: 8, QQ: 10)--No words for how bad a look losing 2 games by a score of 10-1 against St. Lawrence is.  This team is a trainwreck and an even worse sign--they haven't even played a true road game.  This squad is 0-3 against the ECAC with their lone win against Army--looks like the year for the fire Tim Whitehead supporters.

Aaaaaaaand nationally...

1. Miami (3-0-1) -- Being undefeated counts for a lot, and BC and Minny both looked vulnerable last weekend.

2. Minnesota (2-1-0)

3. Denver (2-0-0)

4. BC (2-1-0)--Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

5. Notre Dame (3-1-0)

6. North Dakota (1-1-0)

7. Cornell (0-0-0)

8. UNH (3-0-0)

9. BU (1-1-0)

10. Michigan (2-1-0)

11. Western Michigan (3-1-0)

12. UM-Duluth (2-2-0)

13. Union (2-1-0)

14. Northeastern (2-1-0)

15. Harvard (0-0-0)

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