Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Preview: Seeing Red

Following a disappointing showing up in New Hampshire last Saturday, your BU Terriers look to bounce back with a home and home against our friends from Amherst.  This weekend is definitely an important one for the team's collective confidence, and a strong showing will go a long way to helping the young guys settle in.  Luckily we have at least one thing working our favor - Slamherst has a Commie on their team, and BU has a decent history against the Reds...

 Read on.

They Get Shot If They Smile: UMass Players to Look For

Steven Guzzo, F, RS Soph - Guzzo is currently leading the Minutemen in scoring, with 3 points (1-2-3) in 2 games played.  Guzzo was redshirted his freshman year due to injury, and put up 20 points (10-10-20) in 35 games last year as a RS freshman.

Mike Pereira, F, Junior - The younger brother of former Terrier captain Joe Pereira, Mike has been held scoreless thus far on the season with a +/- of -2.  Not good.  Mike has been UMass' top face-off guy in their two games, though, and put up a combined 59 points in the past two years so look for him to get going soon.  Mike got hurt in OT against BC, but if he plays this weekend I'd assume he'll get off the schneid.

Oleg Yevenko, D, Soph - COMMIE! COMMIE! I SMELL A COMMIE! GET THE PUCK OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!!! THE LEGS FEED THE WOLF GENTLEMEN! FOR MIRACLE! FOR HERB BROOKS! FOR AMERICA! But seriously Oleg hails from Belarus, a former member of the USSR.  Although Belarus has been free since 1991, they basically remain a Soviet state.  What does this have to do with hockey? EVERYTHING.  I can't remember what he looks like or what his playing style is, but I'm pretty sure it was something like this.

Kevin Boyle, G, Soph - Boyle backstopped UMass to its lone win on the season, making 24 saves and only giving up 1 goal to UConn.  Boyle will most likely split time with Steve Mastalerz, so don't expect to see either goaltender for more than one game this weekend.

Steve Mastalerz, G, Soph - Steve was this close to stealing a win for the Minutemen against BC, but then decided to revert back to swiss cheese status and give up something like 50 goals in the final ten minutes of the game.  Thaaaaaanks for coming.

How'd You Get Life Insurance? Don't They Know You're In the Danger Zone?

Nieto/Gill/Cisse Line - BU's top line has produced no points on the season, and is a combined -3.  I know it's early yet, but on a team of young guys you need the upperclassmen to lead the way.

Sean Maguire - I don't wanna be that guy picking on the freshman tendy, but I have to throw him in this list.  When you're as highly touted as Maguire was, you've gotta produce.  Getting pulled in your first start after giving up 2 or 3 really shaky goals isn't getting it done.  Mags needs to have a solid start this weekend to boost the confidence.

The D Corps - Looked ok against PC, and not so great against UNH.  Pairings have yet to really be determined as Oksanen sat out the first two games, so hopefully they will find their feet this weekend with Ahti stepping into the line-up.  If not, this weekend could be tough - freshmen goaltenders and a shaky defense are a terrible combination.

A Bruise on the Leg Is a Hell of a Long Way from the Heart: Predictions

I'll be honest, I've got no clue how this weekend will go.  I'd like to say that BU pulls 4 points, gets solid performances from both tendys and looks solid all around.  Then again, they could play like they did against UNH and we could walk away 0-2 on the weekend.  Basically what I'm saying is that this BU team is on the verge of entering the danger zone.  A solid showing this weekend, 3 or 4 points, and some confidence for Maguire and the freshmen and we'll be set.  A poor showing, and it's gonna get tough for us to get life insurance.

Because we'll be in the danger zone.

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