Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hockey East Pick Em Week 4

Here are the updated standing after 3 weekends of Hockey East teams in action. We don't have ties in our standings because we are predicting ties. So if there is a tie, your prediction is wrong unless you predicted a tie.

QQ 14-8 (.636) Last week- 6-5
FM 13-9 (.591)  Last  7-4
HS 10-9 (.526) Last 7-4
Raymundo 9-10 (.473) Last 7-4
MWW 9-10 (.473) Last 4-7
GW 7-12 (.368) Last 1-10

Week 4
Friday 10/26

BC @ Lowell

QQ- 3-3 tie. I think Doug Carr can keep the River Hawks in the game and manage a point at home.
FM- BC 4-1-The Whatsariverhawks haven't shown ability to hang with top teams and BC is starting to roll.
HS- BC 3-1. BC sweeps the weekend, LOL fans slit wrists and the crack supply per capita in Lowell doubles.
Raymundo- BC 3-1
MWW- BC 3-2. I think BC can play well this weekend away from home. They won't seem mediocre and have to pull one out their ass like last weekend.
GW- Lowell 5-2. I'm not kidding I won't pick BC once this year.

Maine @ PC

QQ- PC 7-0. PC is legit taking Miami to OT twice on the road while Maine got killed at home. Easy pick here. Things will get worse before they get better for the inbreds from Maine.
FM- PC 3-0. Friars are gonna make a run at home ice and Maine looks like they may be the worst team in the league
HS- PC 2-1 OT I don't want Maine to keep embarrassing themselves on the ice but I also kind of do, as long as it's against a HE team. Diamond finally gets his second misconduct of the year as PC sweeps.
Raymundo- PC 4-3
MWW- PC 3-1. PC has been playing better than Maine in every aspect of the game.
GW- PC 4-3. FTP: For The Pope


QQ- UNH 4-2. Don't see UNH losing to NU at home even though they only throw a small fish on the ice up there now.
FM- UNH 5-2. Lethal UNH offense gets a big boost from home crowd at the Whit.
HS-UNH 4-1.This is a good matchup. UNH is the hot HE team right now and NU wants to prove they're capable of making a run at home ice in the playoffs. Each team will win at home.
Ray- UNH 3-1
MWW- 4-3 UNH. UNH are in the middle of their October 'run.' Expect a good showing from NU
GW-NU 6-4. I think N'Eastern might actually be decent this year.


QQ- BU 4-3. I would expect Maguire to get this start and bounce back in front of the home crowd. The top line of Nieto-Gill-Cisse is overdue for a big game. I think they put up some big points Friday.
FM- BU 5-2. O'Connor will have a freshman moment or two, but he is the real deal and will handle Lesser Pereira and the rest of Amherst
HS- 5-2 BU. Tendys settle in, the team recovers from a wake-up call last week at UNH, and sweeps the Minutemen by lasting longer (on the ice). 120 minutes of thorough hockey.
Ray- BU 5-0
MWW-BU 3-2. BU rebounds last week especially with all the talent on the team
GW- BU 100-0. True or false: UMass would be better off having a thin slice of swiss cheese in net than their current tendys. I say true.

UVM @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 3-2. Merrimack coming off an ugly sweep at the hands of the two Alaska teams doesn't inspire confidence but I think they bounce back for their home opener.
FM- UVM 3-2. Losing two to Sarah Palin's favorite college hockey teams doesn't inspire much confidence and UVM's tie against Slowell was enough to intrigue me
HS- Merrimack 3-1. Bigos sucks. The Catmounters force a split at home, celebrate with weed and moonshine.
Ray-Merrihack 3-2
MWW- UVM 2-1. Merrimack are home after going to Alaska, I expect them to be tired.
GW- UVM 3-2. Ah, the battle of who gives a fuck. If UVM wins but nobody is there to see it, does it still count for two points in the standings? I say yes.

Saturday 10/27

BU @ UMass

QQ- BU 5-3. O'Connor should get the road start given his high confidence thus far this year. If you get up on UMass early, the crowd will leave which is ideal. Also, Oleg Yevenko is a commie and commies never win. That is all. 'Murica!
FM- BU 5-4. Maguire still may be shaky and UMass will punish BU when they turn the puck over, but goals will come much easier in this road game than at UNH
HS- 2-1 BU
Ray- BU 4-0
MWW- BU 4-3. SWEEP!!!!
GW-BU 101-0. Just cause.

Maine@ PC

QQ- PC 4-2. PC sweeps the pathetic Black Bears. Get the moonshine ready in Orono. The only positive is that Whitehead might get fired now.
FM- PC 4-0. Friars took Miami to OT twice last weekend in Oxford. Maine at Schneider should be no sweat
HS- PC 3-2
Ray- PC 5-3
MWW-PC 3-1. Maine just sucks this year.
GW- PC 4-2. FTDP: For The Damn Pope


QQ- NU 4-3. NU holds serve at home and salvages the split.
FM-NU 3-2. Huskies will fight PC for 4th this year; they have played very well at home lately
HS- NU 3-2
Ray- UNH 3-1
MWW- 3-2 NU. NU are home and have played well in the crap hole of a rink especially when their fans aren't worrying about 'the clap' and show up.
GW- UNH 3-1. Splitsville.

UVM @ Merrimack

QQ- UVM 3-2(OT). I think this series has split written all over it. I just think Merrimack wins in the home opener and UVM takes the second night.
FM- Merrimack 4-2. I smell a split here, with two teams neither totally incompetent nor overwhelmingly strong this year
HS- U-V-M 2-1.
Ray- Merrihack 3-1
MWW- Merrihack 4-1. Expect a rebound by Merrimack and take the 2nd game of the weekend.
GW- Mack 4-1. Splitscity

Sunday 10/28


QQ- BC 4-2. The losers from Newton hold serve at home.
FM- BC 5-0. Much to my chagrin (editor's note: He thinks he'll make better picks if he uses fancy words like chagrin), Eaglets continue to roll
HS- BC 2-0
Ray- Lowell 1-0
MWW- Lowell 4-3. Like I said earlier BC should be hitting a good run of form but I think Lowell pulls a winner in Cunte.
GW-Lowell 6-5. Parker Milner can't stop a beach ball.


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  2. Cunte vs conte? I like Cunte too MWW