Friday, September 24, 2010

odds and end leading into the weekend

- Expect a big bounceback game from the Pats this weekend as they look to rebound from getting thrashed by the Jets last week. Every expert in the country is picking the team to roll Buffalo but don't tell Wes Welker that. When asked about the Bills this week, Welker spoke nothing but praise of the team that the Patriots have not lost to since 2003.

-Randy Moss wore the number 33 in practice today as a tribute to injured captain Kevin Faulk. Now just wait for the media to warp this into some attack on Moss.

-BU hockey talk heats up as multiple blogs are posting Hockey East preview for the coming season. There is one on the Boston Hockey Blog that only has the top two teams to be announced. There is also one of the Warrior Rink Rat blog by the Eagle Tribune's by Mike McMahon but this one sucks and supports Merrimack hockey including that little gay ass frenchman Da Costa so I'm not posting the link for people to look at just to rip on how bad it is. After every team preview, they say the next team will be the next day. Then two weeks later they do another one. There is no way there is that much going on at Merrimack. The school blows and is in fuckin North Andover. Yeah I heard its crazy there all the time pause nahhht.

- Shatty has his first goal in an exhibition game for the Avalanche this week as five former Terriers are on the roster(Colby Cohen, Brandon Yip,Dave Van der Guilk, Zach Cohen(AHL)).

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