Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lebron, Manager Claim Race is Why Everyone Hates Him

My best friend LeBron " Cry baby" James (now the world's 6th most hated athlete) and his manager Maverick Carter are claiming race is a reason why everyone outside of Miami hates LeBron now. Now I know everyone is thinking to themselves be careful because race is a sensitive subject blah blah blah. I will be careful but this is an issue that bothers me whether you agree with me or not is up to you. This is another case of a big baby using other reasons to explain why everyone hates him besides looking in the mirror. Hey LeBron, everyone hates you because you are a traitor to your hometown and made a public show out of your signing. Maybe if you had a simple press conference to announce your decision and had actually informed the teams beforehand like a normal athlete, people would like you. Tom Brady is a great example. He just signed a huge new deal with the Pats and there wasn't even a press conference. Brady is a team player and did not want to take anything away from the team's preparations for the opener that Sunday. You made "The Decision" a public display and handled it like a complete prick who thinks he is better and more important than everyone else. So do me a favor, shut the fuck up about this race crap. Yes, unfortunately there is still racism in the world. It sucks, but this is not racism. People still love Kobe (not in Boston) because he wins and can play the game and he raped a girl. People love the Big three in Boston (all black). People just hate arrogant fucks who think everyone should kiss the ground they walk on. People hate you because you are an arrogant piece of shit. You might as well go to BC.

A prime example of another case of an arrogant prick is up in Minnesota. Brett Favre is hated by all of America as he unretires and retires every offseason. ESPN sits outside of his shack in Mississippi as he makes love to his relatives/pets and I just want to puke everywhere. I hate him more than I hate LeBron James (depending on the day). America hates arrogance and LeBron James and Brett Favre are the perfect examples of it. Don't want people to hate you? Don't come through the stage like you're fucking Lil Wayne. You are a basketball player. Play some games and come back to me.

I have no problem with you joining up with Wade and Bosh. Hey, you wanna win. I can respect that. Just don't be so self-absorbed that you really think race is why people hate you. You think if a white guy did this America would love Same exact reaction. I won't even go to Ben Rapelisberger as an example because yes he did rape someone so people have a reason to hate him. Just shutup LeBron and play ball. Also fire your manager. Like come on whose name is Maverick Carter? Yeah not an agent/manager who will claim racism for anything that goes wrong?

Also, someone tell Jalen Rose to shut the fuck up. Racism isn't that prominent in the NBA. Yes, most owners are white and most players are black. That is not why people hate LeBron. You're just agreeing with LeBron so he'll let you interview him or some shit. The rest of the players don't agree with LeBron or that would mean they are all hated because they're black. Clearly not true. So shutup. October 26th can't come soon enough so we can finally just play the games.

Redd10 Update: Is Lebron really this stupid? Looks like somebody has been drinking the Jesse Jackson Kool-Aid. Christ.

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