Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pats fill out practice sqaud,prepare for opener

The Pats have filled out their 8 man practice squad in the last couple days. They signed back linebacker Tyrone McKenzie and cornerbacks Tony Carter and Prince Miller while releasing tight end Jerod Maneri. This leaves the practice squad with no QB and only two out of the 61 players signed by the team.

The team also is close to signing franchise QB Tommy Brady to a four year extension according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter. The deal is supposedly worth four years and 72 to 80 million. Brady also hit on a number of subjects during his weekly call into WEEI
- He knows Randy Moss better than anyone and he will go out and do his job. He just understands that this game is a business.
- Brady will not watch Hard Knocks and hates how the Jets come across to the public. aka Brady is going to light them up in Week 2.

Also Chad Ochocinco had a conference call with the New England media and was very low key. He expressed his respect for Coach Belichick and refered to him as a close friend.

Also here are my predictions for the coming season as it starts tomorrow night with the Saints and Vikings in a repeat of last season's NFC Championship game.
*-indicates playoff teams
AFC East
1.* New England 11-5
2. *NY Jets 11-5
3.Miami Dolphins 9-7
4. Buffalo Bills 5-11

AFC North
1. *Baltimore Ravens 12-4
2. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7
3. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-9
4. Cleveland Browns 6-10

AFC South
1. *Indianapolis Colts 14-2
2. *Tenessee Titans 9-7
3. Houston Texans 8-8
4. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10

AFC West(Garbage)
1. *San Diego Chargers 10-6
2. Denver Broncos 9-7
3. Kansas City Chiefs 8-8
4. Oakland Raiders 6-10

NFC East
1. *Dallas Cowboys 11-5
2. NY Giants 10-6
3. Philly Eagles 10-6
4. Washington Redskins 8-8

NFC North
1. *Green Bay Packers 13-3
2. *Minnesota Vikings 11-5
3. Chicago Bears 6-10
4. Detroit Lions 5-11

NFC South
1. *Atlanta Falcons 11-5
2. *New Orleans Saints 11-5
3. Carolina Panthers 8-8
4. Tampa Bay Bucs 6-10

NFC West(also garbage)
1. *San Francisco 49ers 11-5
2. Arizona Cardinals 7-9
3. Seattle Seahwaks 6-10
4. Saint Louis Rams 6-10

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