Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Randy being Randy...

Randy Moss has had all types of negative attention on him in the last couple days since he complained about his contract the week leading up to the season opening against the Bengals. Then also did in his postgame conference. Moss tried to clear it up talking to sportcenter this morning. Moss just cannot say anything right in the public's eye right now which is why he should just stop talking to the media all together. Moss has been shown in the team's postgame video as the leader of the cheer and had all the guys laughing. The contract needs to just be put to rest. Moss has a history of being a "me-first" guy which is why Belichick sat him down yesterday and told him to chill it out. Don't expect many more press conference from Moss this season as the media continues to bash him. He simply is a man who cannot speak his feelings in a good time and place. He just says them when he feels them. The media needs to get off his dick and let the guy play the damn game. He is still one of the great deep threats in the game and opens up tons of room for the other receivers on the roster. As Moss also addressed in his interview this morning, he is concerned with the Jets and making up for his poor performance against Darrell Revis last year. Moss just wants to win deep down

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