Sunday, September 30, 2012

NFL Pick Em Week 4

Another round of me failing at picking NFL games. Leggo!
  • Carolina at Atlanta: Atlanta has been playing excellent and are home. Taking ATL
  • New England at Buffalo: I think the majority of the BSRS Crew wouldn't be heard from again if the Pats lose. I can't handle that. I need my FelizMiguel. Pats win. 

  • Minnesota at Detroit: Vikings have been playing a little bit better than expected. Lions have shown me anything, yet. Vikings win with AP going HAM.
  • San Diego vs KC: San Diego are actually playing well in the 1st quater of the season. Let's keep taking them and see how long it lasts for.
  • Seattle at St Louis: I think the biggest thing missed with the Monday Night Footbale debacle was how good the Seahawks defense is. Liking the Seahawks.
  • SF vs NYJ: If the Jets stop the run, Jets have a chance but when you are missing one of your best tacklers (Revis) it will be hard. Taking San Fran based on the fact I don't know how the Jets will move the ball.
  • Tennessee at Houston: I've been on the Houston bandwagon since two years ago and I won't get off. Taking Texans.
  • Cincinnati at Jacksonville: Bengals have been playing like last year, a dark horse in the AFC North. They like it and I like it. Bengals with the away win.
  • Miami at Arizona: Arizona played brilliant last week and I foresee them playing just as well this week at home. 
  • Oakland at Denver: Oakland sucks. moving on.
  • New Orleans at Green Bay: how the mighty have fallen. Slugfest here for sure. Foresee a classic QB duel and a high scoring game. Always take GB at home in a close game (unless the Giants are there).

  • Washington at Tampa Bay: Not a fan of this game. Each team doesn't show me something that sets them apart. Skins win by default for having  future superstar, I guess.
  • NYG at Philadelphia: Giants have played extremely well at the Lincoln Financial stadium as of late. If Vick keeps throwing picks to a team that has the best QB playing in the game right now I know it could be a long night as a Eagles fan. Taking Giants with the away win.
  • Chicago at Dallas: least favorite player in the league, as of now, against least favorite sports franchise. I'll go with the Da' Bears. 

Hope everyone has a good Sunday and doesn't get a case of MONdays tomorrow!

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