Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mister WorldWide NFL Insight

Entering last nights draft with the BSRS crew and Alexx Privitera, I was thinking on who will make the Super Bowl this year and other topics. So I decided to share these thoughts with you and other thoughts about the upcoming NFL season.

  1. When will the refs come back?
    1. Most of us during the draft think that we will see the refs back by the 2nd week since we all decided that one big game this weekend will be decided on a refs call and ruin the game for the team that could've, should've, would've won. With that happening, the NFL realizes that sign a new contract with the refs and we will see them on the field week 2. 
  2. How will the Saints play with a 3rd string coach?
    1. Arguably, they are in the 3rd toughest division in the NFL right now. The Bucs will play better, Carolina has Cam Newton, Atlanta plays on both sides of the ball. The key factor for the Saints is how they play especially without key defensive players. The offense will go and score, I don't see any concern with that. Defense has been sketchy for them and will continue to be sketchy. I predict they will go 11-5. Tough schedule but there are very few teams that can score with them.
  3. Will the New York Giants repeat?
    1. No. Tough schedule and in the hardest division in the NFL will take its toll on the Giants. Will they make the playoffs? Yes. Eagles are the only team in that division to be worried about. 
  4. Will Tom Brady play similar to his 2007 year?
    1. With the offensive weapons around him, I'll be surprised if he doesn't unload on the league with 45+ TDs and above 4,000 yards passing. He has 2 great TEs, a great slot receiver, and now they have Lloyd to expand the field and provide a deep threat. Similar to the Saints, nothing to rave about on defense but who in the AFC will be able to hang with them scoring. 
  5. Who will be the NFL MVP?
    1. See question 4. I think Tom Brady has all the weapons to take that title from Aaron Rodgers. If you took Tom Brady out of the Pats and played with a someone else, I don't think the Pats will play as well. If you took Rodgers out of the Packers and played with someone else (Matt Flynn anyone?), they will play just as good. My dark horse pick is Eli Manning. Why? I think he still wants to prove people wrong and put up a great record this year and with the stats to prove it. 
  6. Who will win the Offensive Player of Year Award?
    1. Aaron Rodgers. Didn't want to give it to Brady here and Rodgers was the next reasonable selection.
  7. Who will win the Defensive Player of the Year Award?
    1. I think it is a toss up on who shows up to play this year. For example, if Revis doesn't get hurt (constant bad hamstring) and uses his ability to shutdown his side of the field and actually picks off QBs instead of deflecting them and bump up his stat line he wins. If JPP breaks the record for number of sacks in a season on top of playing great run defense and including tackles for loss and occasional INT, he wins. The only reasonable pick to start the season is Patrick Willis. He's a beast that does everything. Tackle, sack, INT, gets players to fumble, etc. A younger, better Ray Lewis but in a different mold entirely.
  8. Who wins the Rookie of the Year?
    1. RGIII. Luck just doesn't have anyone around him to make plays with the ball and defenses will just key to Luck more often than not. Whereas RGIII has better players around him and he can run the ball too. Defenses will have to prepare more and maybe make more mistakes that RGIII can take advantage of.
  9. Who will win the Coach of the Year?
    1. John Harbaugh. The team is ready to go and will win a heated AFC North. The defense is keyed up and Ray Rice is a man on a mission every time he touches the ball. This question leads up to...
  10. Who will make the Super Bowl?
    1. Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers or Harbaugh vs Harbaugh. 
    2. Winner: Ravens
Thanks for read. If you have any questions for me to answer please tweet at us or DM us or Leave a Comment. 
PS- It really sucks to be a Jets fan this year. Praying for 0-16 so we can get rid of everyone. 

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