Friday, July 27, 2012

BU Hockey Line Projections Take 1

So posting has been a little slow around here which is typical of the summer months. I figured I would take this chance to take a stab at some new line combination for the coming season. Technically, the recruiting class is not filled and has not been officially announced because Adam Clendening's scholarship has not been officially filled. The 2012 recruiting class as of now looks like this:
Forwards: Sam Kurker(2nd 2012 Stl) , Matt Lane ,Wes Myron(6th 2012 Van), Mike Moran, and Danny O'Regan(5th 2012 SJ).
Defensemen: Matt Grzelcyk(3rd 2012- Bos), TBD(Marc Hetnik?- wouldn't require a scholarship since his father is employed by BU)
Goalies: Sean MaGuire(4th 2012-Pitt), Matthew O'Connor

So now that the incoming class is as established as we could hope here is what I think the lines will look like on opening night vs PC without having seen most of these guys play yet.

1- Nieto-Gill- Cisse  - Cisse is obviously the guy who I have jumping from the 4th line to the 1st so he has to have a big summer  but I think since this is his first healthy summer in 3 summers, he certainly is a guy capable of making this type of jump. Gill seems like the best option at center with his hands and Nieto is the fastest guy in Hockey East and I would expect 40-50 points from him this year.

2 Megan-O'Regan-Kurker  - This line has the captain with two very skilled freshmen who I think can compete in Hockey East right away and will need for success. Megan can make their lives much easier with how hard he drives to the net and opens up space for his linemates.

3 Lane- Hohmann- Myron  -This line could easily include sophomore Evan Rodrigues on right wing depending on how Myron looks in camp along with Lane but I see both of them being successful collegiate players.

4- Courtnall- Rosen-Santana - This is really the only line that is set in stone in my mind. This is going to be the most experienced, grinder line in Hockey East easily. They will give this team depth as they are able to roll 4 lines in important games.
Extra forwards: Evan Rodrigues, Mike Moran,  Matt Ronan, Jake Moscatel,

1 Noonan- Privitera - This d-pair is going to be a force throughout Hockey East as Privitera had a strong second half minus the wrist injury and Noonan will be all Hockey East first team.
2. Escobedo- MacGregor- Coach Parker usually puts one offensive D and a "stay at home" dman together but I don't see him forcing that this year unless he wants to break up Noonan and Privitera. Escobedo will be one of the most steady dmen in Hockey East this season and I think MacGregor will have a coming out party as an upperclassman(maybe even score a goal...nah).
3. Grzelcyk- Ruikka- This pair will be solid to begin the year as Ruikka is a veteran to help lead Grzelcyk as he gets accustomed to the speed of the college game.

Extra dmen- Marc Hetnik, TBD?

1a. Sean MaGuire- These top two goalies are going to split starts fairly regularly until winter break and probably beyond unless one of them separates themselves as the clear starter.
1b. Matt O'Connor
3. Anthony Moccia


  1. I think your 4th and 3rd lines will be flipped.

  2. Yeah that is probably true but I just kept them there because that 4th line is typically more of a grinder line but they will see more ice time than the third line in most games I'm sure

  3. I agree, that 4th line of Courtnall, Rosen & Santana will most likely wind up as our third line in many games. The experience of those 3 guys, the hustle and balls to the wall they all play will be in my opinion, one of the key elements in BU hockey and hockey east. I wouldn't be surprised if they become a scoring line as well. Things happen when you crash the net and the boards. I really like those guys. Rosen has become a heck of a face off man too, who would have thought?

  4. Yeah I agree 100%. If that line starts scoring regularly through hustle plays, that will make it much easier on the freshman forwards coming in who might need a few games to adjust to the college game.

  5. I agree with both of you guys. No team ever gets far without those 3-4 line players doing their jobs. Santana is the crazy hustler, Courtnall is the basher and Rosen is the crafty leader. I checked last seasons stats and Rosen actually finished as the top faceoff center of active players at the end. Kid was a career defenseman before this. Quite the change.

    Hope these new guys can deliver and rookie goalies play well. Ok, who's the remaining "A" going to be?

  6. It could be any number of guys I would think. I bet he goes with 2 since there is only one C this year. Noonan, Rosen, Courtnall, Nieto, and Gill would be the group I would think you would pick 2 from. I would probably take Noonan and Courtnall if I had to take a guess.

  7. Courtnall already has one A from last season. I think the teams needs someone outgoing and mature considering the disasters that occurred last season. I would think Rosen has the inside track on it for those reasons. Noonan, Nieto and Gill are very quiet types, solid players though