Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rock Chalk Terriers: Happy Trails, Jake O'Brien

So needless to say the last few weeks have been an adventure for followers of our beloved Terrier men's basketball team.  The first great news we received was confirmation from our athletic department that our highly anticipated basketball recruiting class will arrive intact next fall on Comm. Ave.  Coach Jones assembled the only AE and New England recruiting class to be among the top 12 in non-BCS conferences. for next season. (According to the Worldwide Leader) This is no surprise as the class is headlined by an ESPN top 100 ranked PG in Maurice Watson (way to work those PA pipelines Coach C. left behind) and Kentucky's Gatorade State Player of The Year and Mr. Basketball Nathan Dieudonne, who will immediately be a huge post presence for the Terriers.  John Papale is a solid 3-point shooter from CT's prep ranks (just like the hero of Canton!) and Justin Alston will give a little depth in the post so he can hopefully take over from Dom Morris in a year or two.

Although we've already discussed the Terriers' move from the AE to the Patriot League and the resulting conference tournament ineligibility, the first fallout from the decision has already come before the fall sports begin.  Jake O'Brien has decided to transfer, leaving the Terriers without their #1 weapon in their final year of AE competition.  This is understandable of course because having missed all of last year and most of the one before, the senior wants one more chance to compete for a team that can go to the NCAAs, but still unfortunate that circumstances have mad him do so.  His reported possible destinations are Newton CC, Providence, Virginia and Temple, although Ohio State may also be a possibility.  As for me and the rest of the BS(R)S team, we just want to wish Jake well as he moves on provided he doesn't join Team Donahue up there on the Heights.  Just kidding!  Thanks for your contributions to the AE Championship team, we couldn't have had this without you.

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