Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL Week 3 Pick 'Em

So last week I only picked up 7 wins. Pretty awful, just like my fantasy team. Aiming for perfection again so let's get into it.

  1. Jets vs 'Fins: I think the Jets offense should improve against the Dolphins defense. The Miami offense doesn't impress me and I think the Jets defense will have the upper hand. Jets win.
  2. Rams vs Bears: Rams pulled out an impressive win against a pretty good Redskins team last week and the Bears need to pull together after last weeks debacle. I'll take the Rams on an up swing of good momentum.
  3. Bills vs Browns: Bills looked like a team last week and we shall see if they can put it together again for the win. Keep an eye out for Trent Richardson. Looking very impressive in the first 2 games so far. 
  4. Bucs vs Cowgirls(boys): Bucs played great last week but still lost. Dallas didn't look good at all last week. Flip a coin. I'll take the Bucs.
  5. Lions vs Titans: Lions need the win. Thinking this is the game Stafford and Megatron will pull together a great game (am praying for it, fantasy team needs a W).
  6. Jags vs Colts: In my opinion, Luck is getting better per throw and snap. I predicting the Colts win and go 2-1.
  7. 49ers vs Vikings: 49ers just look too impressive in every phase of the game. They should handle this Vikings team easily.
  8. Chiefs vs Saints: Both teams are 0-2. If the Saints can run the ball since KC is ranked 28th against the run, they should win.
  9. Bengals vs Redskins: Skins home opener. Skins fans are crazy. They'll take the win since they are home.
  10. Eagles vs Cardinals: Eagles are somehow 2-0 and the Cardinals did me a favor last week. Taking the Eagles based on their luck right now. 
  11. Falcons vs Chargers: Falcons just do not do it for me away from home. Taking the Chargers.
  12. Texans vs Broncos: Texans defense is pretty good. I am defensive guy. Texans win.
  13. Steelers vs Raiders: Raiders just do not look good at all. Steelers should win with Big Ben rolling in deep. 
  14. Patriots vs Ravens: Both had tough loses last week especially the Pats. Also they played each tight last year in the playoffs but this time the Ravens are home. Taking the Ravens on a made FG will the time expiring. 
  15. Packers vs Seahawks: Packers should dominate if they played like last Thursday. Defense looks better this year. Packers cover the spread. 

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