Sunday, September 16, 2012

NFL Week 2 Pick 'Em

Not a bad first week considering that all of my upsets didn't happen. I enter this week aiming for perfection.

1. KC vs Bills: Taking KC again since the bills looked awful last week against the Jets.
2. Browns vs Bengals: Bengals just need a consistent performance to win. Misery continues for Brown fans.
3. Vikings vs Colts: thinking Luck gets his first win of the season and Viks go 1-1.
4. Oakland vs. Miami: Oakland should improve after a horid game this past Monday.

5. 'Zona vs Pats: Easy win for Pats. Cardinals are not a worthy test.
6. Tampa vs Giants: Giants rebound and the offense clicks for a win.
7. Ravens vs Eagles: Ravens will have more chances and complete more chances if Vick keeps throwing INTs.
8. Carolina vs Saints: Saints need the W and get the win after playing better this week.
9. Houston vs Jags: no contest Houston wins.
10. 'Skins vs Rams: RGIII is a better QB than Bradford. Skins win again.
11. Dallas vs Seattle: Dallas looks ready to play this season.
12. Jets vs Steelers: Steelers dont lose often at home. Revis is out fo weekend. Big Ben puts big numbers on the board.
13. Titans vs Chargers: Rivers over Chris Johnson, Chargers win
14. 49ers vs Lions: Megatron should have a good game but 49ers looked great last weekens. Lions in close game. Keep an eye on the handshake at the end of the game.
15. Broncos vs Falcons: Manning, in my opinion, looked a little rusty last week. Rust is gone. Broncos win.

Again give a tweet or comment for some trash talking.

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