Friday, September 7, 2012

NFL Picks 2012 Week 1

Here are my picks for Week 1 after that somewhat disappointing first game which I though would turn into a slugfest but turned into boredom really (A lot of blown whistles etc.).  
  1. Colts vs Bears: I am taking the 'Da Bears' because Luck has nobody around him to make a play with a ball. Yeah, they will be able to catch and move the ball but nobody to break a play wide-open.  Also Cutler will have big game with the new weapons around him. Colts lose on a late INT by Luck.
  2. Eagles vs Browns: Eagles are healthy all around the ball and better prepared for this season compared to last season. Browns are still in rebuilding mode and the key player on offense, Trent Richardson, are too raw in my opinion. Eagles by a 2 TDs.
  3. Rams vs Lions: Rams are schizo. They just don't seem to know how to pull that franchise together. Lions are past rebuilding mode and are in 'win the division mode.' They have all the pieces just need to keep out of jail now. Lions win, Megatron has 100+ yrds and 3 TDs.
  4. Bills vs Jets: By now you should know I am a Jets fan. This summer has been mixed Curtis getting in the Hall(awesome) & Tebow coming to the Jets(too much media). I think the Bills upgraded on the defense and they will show it. I think if the Jets run the ball effectively and control the ball they win. 
  5. Patriots vs Titans: Yeah Brady and the rest win if Chris Johnson doesn't run up & down the field. Taking the Pats by a couple.
  6. Falcons vs Chiefs: I think the Chiefs showed us something at the end of last year and I like them here in the upset. Certain offensive positions are coming back and they will make a great combo with the run and pass. The defense will keyed up and I think the Falcons are a team in transition after that game against the Giants last year. The game in which I thought they all quit after the 1st quater. 
  7. Jags vs Vikings: 2 horrible QBs, 1 great RB, 1 former great RB coming back off injury, if he plays. This could be the worst game of the weekend. Taking the Vikings on a hunch.
  8. 'Skins vs Saints: RGIII coming out party should be here. The Saints do not have defense to speak of but Saints just outscore them. Brees is ready to go and wants to prove the Saints aren't bad guys and show that he deserves that contract. 
  9. Dolphins vs Texans: Texans showed last year they can play defense now they need to show they can stay healthy. Taking the Texans to pitch a shutout. 
  10. 49ers vs Pack: the game of the week, in my opinion. Probably the game everyone wanted to see last year in the NFC Champ game. Like Rodgers a lot here to 'light the lamp' & discount double check. 49ers have too many new offensive pieces to outscore the Pack but the 49ers have a great front 4 to disrupt Rodgers. Taking the 49ers in a very close game. 
  11. Panthers vs Bucs: Cam Newton will be smiling a lot. He will control the game and just keep proving he is close to being an elite QB after last years ridiculous performance as a rookie.
  12. Steelers vs Broncos: Peyton Manning should play really well. Ryan Clark can't play (health concerns) leaving one side of the secondary wide open for Manning to pick on. Denver by a few here.
  13. Bengels vs Ravens: Ravens are ready to go and Bengels want to show last season was no fluke. Another close game. Ravens by a late FG.
  14. Chargers vs Raiders: early key match up. NOCAL vs SOCAL. NOCAL gives the Bay Area a perfect weekend with a tough W. 

Tweet at me directly, @iwoutah08 or @bsrs_blog, if you think I am completely wrong on these picks or Leave a comment. 

PS: am going to leave a random song with every post now, YKTD.

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