Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Canucks just keep whining

Let me start this post with saying that is awful and bad for the game when anyone gets hurt whether they are on your team or not. I can't stop from commenting on Vancouver GM Mike Gillis' comments today about the injury to Vancouver F Mason Raymond during Game 6 Monday night. Gillis said Bruins' d-man Johnny Boychuk "used a can opener and drove [Mason Raymond] with enough force into the boards to break his back." Now let's break down what this clown is saying. He is saying ,Boychuk, on a play where he wasn't penalized meant to injure Raymond and break his back. First, have you ever heard Johnny Boychuk talk? He probably doesn't even know what vertabrae are. Second, the play is clearly clean as Boychuk is riding Raymond toward the boards before Raymond turns around to play the puck where Boychuck shoves him off him as is done 100 times a game. There is zero chance anyone could think Boychuk meant to injure with this play. He could have not hit him as hard I am sure but it wasn't even a hit. It was a shove to play the puck not the man. Boychuk doesn't even push off with his skates after engaging Raymond.
Nevermind the fact that the definition of a can-opener isn't what happened here especially since that would be a deliberate move by Boychuk. Here is the wikipedia definition of a can opener "The can opener (in Judo referred to as kubi-hishigi) is a hyperflexing neck crank that can be applied from the opponent's guard or from a mounted position, by grabbing the opponent's head using the hands, and forcing it towards the chest of the opponent. In competitions (where allowed) it is usually used as a taunting or distracting move, but if applied effectively in a competition, it may force the opponent to submit." That proves my point even further that this GM is a fucking biased idiot. Just say it was a tough break and move on without pointing figures you fraud.

Look at the video below. I understand it was an awful break for Raymond and Vancouver but you can't have fans coming out and claming Rome's hit was clean on Horton when it was clearly late and to the head while he left the ice, then come back out and say Boychuk's hit was dirty. It is really unfortunate and we all wish the best for Raymond but Vancouver is just making a fool of themselves now. Let's bury these asshole Canadians tomorrow night. Win it for America.

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