Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hockey East Pick Em

FM 33-23(.589)*
GW 45-33(.577)*
QQ- 37-41 (.475)
MWW 35-43 (.449)
HS 9-17(.346)

*Represents traitors to their country for picking BC over Army last weekend

Thursday 11/14

BC @ UMass
QQ- UMass 8-0- I am all about operation 8K at Mullins!
FM-  BC 6-1
MWW- BC 4-1- UMass stole a point at home last year but BC is so great this year #sarcasm (Editor's note: BC sucks)
GW- BC 4-2
HTS - BC 4-1- I guess we've dropped the whole loyalty factor in the BC picks.

Lowell @ Penn State
QQ- Lowell 3-2- Lowell isn't playing well right now but I think they squeak the first one out in Happy Valley
FM- Lowell 4-0
MWW- PSU 5-4- Pedo St. for life
GW- Lowell 3-1
HTS - Lowell 4-2 - LoL has a comeback game, looks against PSU like they did last year.

Friday 11/15

UMass @ BC
QQ- BC 6-1- UMass never wins in Conte or really anywhere this year besides Mullins but that's besides the point.
FM- BC 7-2
MWW- BC 3-0- #ForTheShirt
GW- BC 3-1
HTS - BC 5-1 - I still don't feel comfortable with this trend.

BU @ Maine
QQ- BU 3-2- BU finds their way up in Orono to scrap out a victory
FM- BU 2-0
MWW- BU 4-3- Blackbear hunting!
GW- BU 5-2
HTS - BU 6-2 - Open season as the young'uns thrive on the invisible crowd (re: camouflage apparel EVERYTHING) in Alfond.

QQ- NU 3-2- NU is always tough at Matthews on UNH and I need to make up some ground(Editor's note: I won't be making up any ground on this one)
FM- NU 3-2
MWW- NU 4-1- NU is a great team (Editor's note: No idea if he is being sarcastic or not)
GW- NU 3-2
HTS - UNH 3-2 (OT) - Because I gave up on this season's pick-em record in week two.

QQ- UVM 3-2- The Gutt is a tough place to play and UVM takes the first one of two
FM- PC 4-1
MWW- UVM 4-3
GW- PC 4-3
HTS - PC 4-3 - The Gutt isn't that tough to play in.

Merrimack @ Notre Dame
QQ- Notre Dame 4-1- Irish roll
FM- ND 5-1
MWW-  ND 9-6- Catholics Unite!
GW- ND 4-2
HTS - ND 5-2 - Ruuuu-DY! Ruuuu-DY!

Lowell @ Penn State
QQ- Lowell 3-2(OT)-
FM- Lowell 5-2
MWW- PSU 4-3
GW- Lowell 2-1
HTS - PSU 2-1

Northeastern @ UNH
QQ- UNH 5-2- UNH rolls at home
FM- UNH 4-2
MWW- UNH 4-3- Have fun playing the lake NU
GW- UNH 3-1
HTS - NU 4-3 - Again, I see this as an opportunity to make up ground while simultaneously claiming I've stopped caring.

Merrimack @ Notre Dame
QQ- ND 5-0- I don't see Merrimack putting up much of a fight in South Bend
FM-  ND 4-2
MWW- ND 4-3- I wonder if Mack took a bus or flew...
GW- ND 4-1
HTS - ND 4-0 - It's Merrimack.

QQ- PC 4-3- PC bounces back to take game 2 of the weekend
FM- PC 5-2
MWW- PC 3-2- All aboard to the CHL for UVM
GW- PC 3-2
HTS - UVM 3-2 (OT) - Kitties squeak one out.

Sunday 11/17

UConn @ BU
QQ- BU 4-2- An empty netter seals another close win for BU
FM- BU 6-1
MWW- BU 4-1- Sorry Joey
GW- BU 4-3
HTS - BU 4-3 - It'll be a close win as Quinn's team continues to grow into itself.

Wednesday 11/20

BC @ Harvard
QQ- BC 4-2- Don't see the Crimson pulling the upset no matter how hard I route for them
FM- BC 4-1
MWW- BC 4-3
GW- BC 6-1
HTS - BC 3-1 - Seriously, you guys. What is this? I'm not even commenting on QQ's use of the word "route" because I'm too upset by picking BC 3x in a week.

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