Friday, November 8, 2013

HE Pick Em


GW-36-29 (.554)
FM 23-23(.500)
QQ 30-35(.462)
MWW 29-36(.446)
HS 6-12(.333)

Friday 11/8 

PC @ Merrimack
QQ- PC 3-0- Merrimack hasn't impressed me thus far. PC should be good enough to sweep them.
GW- PC 3-1
MWW- PC 3-1- Providence is just the better team
FM- PC 5-0

UVM @ Maine
QQ- Maine 4-3- UVM impressed me almost sweeping ND last weekend but going into Alfond is a tough task
GW- UVM 4-3
MWW- UVM 4-3- Taking UVM on the road because why not. They played well last weekend against a quality team
FM- Maine 3-1

BC @ BU(Rated R thanks to MWW)
QQ- BU 5-0- Demko is a sieve. Gaudreau dives. York gets loss 573 of the career.
GW- BU 8-1(Two point conversion)
MWW- BU A lot-0I can say a lot of things but I think my post from yesterday explains everything on why I hate BC. FUCK BC JERRY YORK GETS F***** ** **** ****, Jesus was a Jew, the Pope doesn't judge gay people so you BC fucks shouldn't either. Catholic privilege is just as bad a as Catholic guilt.  Final Score BU a billiongillionzillion - 1. The real question after the game is if Demko tweets us when he gets soft.... FUCK EM FUCK EM BC SUCKS
FM- BU 4-3

UMass @ UNH

QQ- UNH 4-2- UNH finally wins their second game
GW- UNH 3-2
MWW- UMass 4-3 -Both suck so lets gamble on UMass
FM- UNH 4-1

Minnesota @ Notre Dame
QQ- Minnesota 4-2
GW- Minnesota 5-4
MWW- Minnesota 4-3
FM- Minnesota 4-3

Saturday 11/9

UVM @ Maine
QQ- UVM 4-3- Hard to see UVM not gettting atleast one win this weekend against an up and down Maine team 
GW- UVM 4-3
MWW- Maine 4-3 splitsville
FM- UVM 2-1
HTS - Maine 3-2

Merrimack @ PC
QQ- PC 4-0- No way Merrimack wins at Schneider. Going to be a tough weekend for a weak offensive team against Gillies & Co.
GW- PC 4-1
MWW- PC 4-1 Sweepsville (Editor's note: Kid loves saying splitsville and sweepsville. We don't know why)
FM- PC 7-1
HTS - PC 3-1

UNH @ UMass
QQ- Umass 4-3- UNH has been just not good thus far this season. I think they win at home but UMass is a different team at Mullins. Home teams win out in this home & home.
GW- UNH 5-1
MWW- UNH 4-2- UNH splittsville (Editor's note: See above)
FM- UNH 5-3
HTS - UMass 3-2 (OT) - For Fight Mass' sanity

NU @ Lowell
QQ- Lowell 4-2- No brainer here. NU comes crashing back to Earth as they enter league play
GW- Lowell 4-2
MWW- Lowell 5-4
FM- Lowell 6-2
HTS - Lowell 4-2 - What the duck said.

Minnesota @ ND
QQ- ND 4-3- Notre Dame scrapes one out at home
GW- Minnesota 6-2
MWW- Minnesota 5-1- Minni will Catholic loophole Notre Dame
FM- ND 5-4
HTS - ND 4-2

Sunday 11/10

Army @ BC
QQ- Army 75-0- Considering his blogger name, GW isn't very American
GW- BC 7-1
MWW- Army 1776-0. Good ole Jerry padding the schedule I see
FM- BC 5-0
HTS - Army (mercy rule) - Scrambled phone calls in the 2nd intermission will result in the institution of a brand new mercy rule, which the NCAA will promptly use to put the Eagles out of their misery.

Tuesday 11/12

Brown @ UNH
QQ- UNH 3-1- Tough to see UNH losing at home to a ECAC team
GW- UNH 2-1
MWW- Brown 3-2- Go Brown
FM-UNH 3-2
HTS - UNH 4-1 - EZAC

Lowell @ Princeton
QQ- Lowell 4-1- Yeah Princeton is a bottom of the pack ECAC team so that's all I needed to see
GW Lowell 3-2 
MWW- Lowell 4-3- Padding the schedule as well
FM- Lowell 3-1
HTS - Lowell 5-1 - See above.

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