Friday, November 22, 2013

HE Pick Em

1. FM 42-27(.609)
2. GW 54-37 (.593)
3. QQ 44-47  (.484)
4.  MWW 41-50 (.451)
5. HS 16-23 (.410)

Friday 11/22

Northeastern @ Merrimack
QQ- NU 3-2- NU is coming off a sweep at the hands of UNH and Lawler has been a house of horrors for them in the past. I still like NU in this one because they have a Kevin Roy and MC doesn't.
MWW- MC 2-1- Like Mack at home
GW- NU 3-1
FM- NU 4-2
HTS -  NU 3-1 - Obvi.

QQ-PC 3-2- PC is the pick at home
MWW- PC 4-1- PC is the better team and playing at home
GW- PC 3-2
FM- PC 3-1
HTS - PC 4-2

UVM @ UMass
QQ- UMass 3-2- UMass is tough at Mullins so I have to go Minutemen unless Bunyon and Keenan have the game
MWW-UMass 5-4- UMass will be up for this one and is the pick
GW- UVM 3-2
FM- UMass 2-1
HTS -  UMass 4-2 - This game will be a real riot to watch. 

Notre Dame @ Lowell
QQ- Lowell 3-2- Should be a pair of good ones in Lowell but I like Lowell in the first one.
MWW- UND 4-3 Tough roud trip for UND but I like them tonight
GW- ND 2-1
FM- ND 3-1
HTS - ND 3-1

North Dakota @ BU
QQ- BU 6-1- UND has already leaking that the whole team has had the "flu" and that's why they're going to get spanked this weekend. Welcome to civilization you hicks
MWW- BU 1945-0 hail the Fuhrer! hail himmler hail Goering hail Alemania but go BU
GW- BU 3-1
FM- BU 4-3
HTS - BU 4-2 - The Boston Tea Party triumphs over the Tea Partiers from NoDak's Whites-Only Townships

Saturday 11/23

Notre Dame @ Lowell
QQ- ND 3-2- Notre Dame salvages a split in their first visit to the beautiful,drug-free town of Lowell
MWW- Lowell 8-7- split
GW- Lowell 2-1
FM- Lowell 2-1
HTS -  ND 3-0 No one's gonna score on Summerhays tonight. Nawt you, nawt you and nawt you

Merrimack @ NU
QQ NU 4-2- Until Merrimack proves me wrong, I will not pick them in a conference game
MWW- NU 5-4- Go NU pause naht
GW- NU 4-3
FM- Merrimack 4-3
HTS - NU 2-0 - Mack is riding the struggle bus and NU is gonna make them sit in the back this weekend. 

QQ- UNH 3-2- UNH takes the second game just as they did in the QFs last year
MWW- PC 9-6- Get the brooms out Provi
GW- PC 4-2
FM- UNH 4-2
HTS-  PC 3-2 (OT) - Friars roll the kitties at PC. 

BC @ Maine
QQ- Maine 4-2- Maine is pretty good at Alfond apparently. Too tough of an environment for the mentally-weak Eagles
MWW-BC 4-3- Let go Eagles #Sarcasm
GW- BC 3-2
FM- BC 5-2
HTS - Maine 4-3 (OT) -  I'm over this picking-BC shit. 

North Dakota @ BU
QQ- BU 4-2- It's not a matter of it BU makes the east coast proud and sweeps the Sioux, it's a matter of by how much
MWW- BU 6419944-0. Would not be surprised if Hitler's youth begins burning books
GW- BU 5-3
FM- BU 2-0
HTS- BU 7-0 - Touchdown Terriers in Saturday as NoDak fans goosestep their way back to the frozen abyss from whence they came. 

Sunday 11/24

UMass @ UVM
QQ-  UVM 4-2- Love UVM at home. Long live Al's fries
MWW- UVM 4-3- Because I got high
GW- UVM 4-2
FM- UVM 4-3
HTS -  UMass 3-1 - Vermont border patrol lets some choice bud in from America's Hat the night before this game. The WhatsACatamounts' eyes are too glazed to see the puck. 

Tuesday 11/26

Harvard @ UNH
QQ- UNH 5-2- Easy win for the Wildcats at home vs a weak ECAC foe
MWW- UNH 5-4- Because Harvard is Harvard
GW- UNH 5-1
FM- UNH 5-2
HTS - UNH 4-2 - Even clawing my way back into the Pick 'Em lead isn't worth picking Harvard here.

Wednesday 11/27

PC @ Quinnipiac
QQ- Quinnipiac 3-2- I don't know who thought the night before Thanksgiving was a good time to schedule a game but, they're not that bright. Also QU has the most attractive females in the Northeast. That's fact not opinion.
MWW- QU 3-2- HUGE GAME. QU's girls love for us is on the line.
GW- PC 3-2
FM- PC 3-1
HTS - QU 3-2 - PC just ain't gonna win 3 games this week. Not hap'nin.
*Editor's note: You can literally find out which of us are in relationships and which ones are single by who they picked in PC/QU.

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