Thursday, November 7, 2013

RE: York's Comments on Sportsmanship in the Stands

So, I was relaxing in my flippity floppity floop this morning when BIAS SCOTT retweeted out an article about good ole Jerry York.

Basically, Jerry went on to say that college hockey games need to be like church where you kneel before the omnipresent God and expect to get touched by a priest all while remaining silent for reverence for God and occasionally chant the Nicene Creed as a way in order to cheer on God your team.

Honestly, I think Mr Angry Pirate needs jump off the morale high horse/elitist BC tone and come back to reality. Wait! Catholics cannot come back to reality since they have been stuck in their Old Guard, old fashioned bullshit and can't come around and accept the how the world changes.

But let's eliminate it cause York's virgin ears can't stand the curses around the altar ice. Sorry, Jerry cursing at college hockey games is here to stay and live on.

In conclusion, FUCK BC

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