Thursday, November 7, 2013

The 2013 Edition of the Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boston College

Another year. Another list of reasons why BC sucks, memes included.

1. BC is in Newton, not Boston contrary to popular belief. Boston College is a University and also located in Newton. You don't have to lie about it anymore. Everyone knows. Just change your name to Newton University and move on.

2. BC hockey might as well be the swim and dive team. Lead by their midget forward Johnny Gaudreau, the BC forwards flop to the ice at the slightest sign of contact in hope of drawing a penalty. Unfortunately, the Hockey East refs usually bite which only encourages the despicable behavior taught by York & Co.


3. BC fans are such frauds. They have been labeled SuperFrauds for a reason. They only show up for 'big' games and will be the first ones to leave a rink early if the scoreboard isn't leaning in their favor.

4. BC fans are uneducated and dumb- They may not know who they are playing on a given night but they can start up a "Fuck(insert school's name here)" with the best of them!


5. Jerry York think he is morally superior to you. He has proven this once again today making a video to play to fans to prevent profanity in their chants. In this instance, it's quite funny. In the past he has called out BU teams for stick saluting their fans because it wasn't "Respectful". If you don't like it, win the game Jerry. Get back to covering up felonies like you do best.


6. Kevin Hayes shit in a staircase and wore a trashbag home- Well ,really have nothing to add to this

7. Their mascot looks stupid and is a disgrace to bald eagles everywhere
8.  Conte Forum sucks- Must be awesome to play in a basketball arena, pause naht. Get a real arena sometime and welcome yourself to 2013.
9.  BC fans wear piss-yellow t-shirts to games- These "superfan" shirts are quite ugly and as Jack Parker says "I know those BU jerseys cost more than those t-shirts"
10. They are inferior to both of their rivals- Notre Dame and BU are above and beyond better academic institutions. BC is fighting such an uphill battle even before they get killed in the battle of athletic departments. Must suck to be so much worse than your rivals in so many ways.


  1. looks like you didn't get accepted to Boston College... sorry you're so bitter

  2. Literally none of us applied to BC. Good job good effort. Way to comment on a post 13 months later under 'Anonymous". That must have taken a lot of courage...moron

  3. Sucks to BU #yourapussy #goeagles

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