Friday, November 29, 2013

HE Pick Em

GW 61-43
FM  46-36
QQ  50-54
MWW 46-58
HS  21-31

Friday 11/29

Holy Cross @ BC
QQ- BC 5-3 - BC sucks but not this bad

Western Michigan vs NU(Shillelagh Tournament-South Bend,IN)
QQ- WMU 4-3- NU sucks when they're not playing the Merrimacks and Atlantic hockey teams of the world

Maine @ UVM
QQ-UVM 4-3- Maine is winless on the road for a reason and the Gutt is no easy place to play

Alabama Huntsville @ Notre Dame
QQ- ND 5-1- ND will have some frustration built up from their weekend in Lowell

UNH @ Colorado College
QQ-  UNH 4-2- Colorado College hasn't won a game in over a month. That's not good

Saturday 11/30

Huntsville/ND vs NU
QQ- NU 4-1- NU will rebound and pick on another bad team in UAH

Brown @ PC
QQ- PC 3-1- PC takes this battle for Providence

UMass @ Quinnipiac
QQ-QU 4-2- Have to stick with the home team here

Merrimack @ Yale
QQ- Yale 4-2- I am not picking Merrimack until they beat someone outside of Atlantic Hockey

Maine @ UVM
QQ- Maine 3-2- Maine is good enough to salvage the split in Burlington

BU vs Cornell (MSG-NYC)
QQ- BU 4-3(OT)- I am going with Evan Rodrigues on the OT snipe to take home the Kelley-Harkness Cup for the Terriers

UNH @ Colorado College
QQ- CC 4-3- Colorado College nudges out the second win of the season at home

Tuesday 12/3

AIC @ Lowell
QQ- Lowell 5-1- Keep scheduling those juggernauts Lowell...

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