Friday, March 26, 2010

Better NCAA Tournament Hockey Predictions

Here are my (better) NCAA tournament hockey predictions...

Miama (OH) v. Alabama-Huntsville
- We stole this title from Miama (OH) last year. Now they are back and ready to take care of business, they take this one easy.
The pick: Miama (OH)

Bemidji State vs. Michigan
- Michigan sucks. No offense to Joe Pereira, but any team that lets BU catch you out of position BEHIND YOUR OWN NET is not going anywhere.
The pick- Bemidji State Plus they have a sweet ass name

North Dakota vs. Yale
- I don't see Yale doing much against a very good North Dakota team. Facts.
The pick- North Dakota

Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Boston College
- As much as I hate BC...they have a nasty line of forwards and unless junior goalie John Muse forgets cover his 5-hole, BC wins.
The pick- Boston College

Wisconsin vs. Vermont
-Wisconsin is going to torch an up and down Vermont team that definitely does not belong in the tournament
The pick- Wisconsin

Saint Cloud State vs. Northern Michigan
- One team from Michigan will be good. That's my philosophy. If there's more than one team from a state, one will suck and one will be good.
The pick- Northern Michigan

Rochester vs. Denver
-Unless Rochester can engineer sticks and skates and robot players that can outplay Denver, they lose.
The pick- Denver

UNH vs. Cornell
-UNH routinely chokes in the post-season. But after the NCAA basketball tournament, I cannot stand to see Cornell win again. University of No Hardware will continue to have no hardware, but will get by Cornell
The pick- UNH

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