Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Enigma of Corey Lowe

The speculation surrounding the departure of former Senior terrier basketball star Corey Lowe has been all over the place lately. First it was reported that he left the team due to injury, then it was because he was going pro, then it was a combination of the two, then Coach Chambers had thrown Corey off the team, and now it is being reported that Corey met with an agent regarding his pro future, which is illegal if one wants to keep their amateur status and play in the NCAA. This, supposedly, is what led to Corey's dismissal from the team for the final two postseason games.

The drama surrounding Corey Lowe did not start this year, however. Throughout his time at BU, he was benched by ex-Coach Wolff for his behavior, and at times it seems one could question Corey's hustle on the court. Even before his BU days, there was drama. After helping to lead Newton North High to a MA state title his junior year (Corey's first of two state basketball tiles), he was offered and accepted a scholarship from Providence College and Coach Tim Welsh. But after his senior season, which resulted in another state title for Lowe and Newton North (while playing the final 13 games with a broken shooting hand), his scholarship to Providence seemingly disappeared in thin air. Unable to get a straight answer from Providence, Corey was released from his agreement and parted ways with Welsh and Co, and was thus back on the market. Lowe had been previously recruited by BU, and once he began to look at schools again, committed to BU in the spring of his senior year. After he was released from his Providence agreement, he also reportedly received a call from BC for football (Corey was also a star wide receiver at Newton North, going to the MA State Championship in his senior year), but decided to stick with basketball and BU.

Once coming to BU, Corey shone on the court, overcoming and playing through numerous injuries along the way. He was relegated to coming off the bench during his senior year under Coach Chambers - to provide offensive spark - but continued to pour in the points. His senior year at BU was a great one, leading BU to the America East Conference championship against Vermont. During the America East tournament, Lowe seemingly lit the spark for BU offensively - hitting from literally everywhere. No shot, it seemed, was too deep. He was a huge reason for BU's success and postseason run this year, even if he wasn't physically present for the tail end.

Lowe looks to continue his fine shooting professionally somewhere, either here or overseas, and we wish him the best going forward.

(Some information taken from old and Daily Free Press articles)

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