Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Holland Isn't Funny

According to junior BU Baller John Holland's Facebook , he "Isn't coming back [to BU] next year". Upon first seeing this, it worried me. But then I realized anybody with half a brain isn't posting something this important on Facebook. Clearly this is John's idea of an April Fools Day joke...except that it isn't April Fools Day. Seriously does he not know how many days are in the month of March?? There's 31 John...come on.

Of course, if it turns out that he really is leaving and seriously posted this on Facebook for everybody to see...then he lacks intelligence. Also, I'd look like an idiot for ridiculing him about not knowing the calendar, but I'll take that chance.

On an unrelated note, Nick Bonino's Anaheim Ducks take on BU-West [read: Colorado Avalanche] tonight, as Nick looks to post goal number 2 in his professional career...

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