Monday, May 24, 2010

Celtics cost Brown his job

Cleveland Cavs coach Mike Brown was fired before the Sunday night deadline to pick up his contract next season. Brown had to be fired or paid his entire $4.5 million salary by midnight Sunday. This is a sad end for Brown, who was brought in to win a championship but could never get the job done in the postseason. He took his team to the conference semifinals and conference finals in the past two years. Once Boston pounded Cleveland this postseason, it all but sealed Brown's fate. It seems as if the Cavs want to have an opening coaching position to let LeBron pick his coach because they are pathetic and willing to do anything to keep their selfish prick Lebron. The Clippers have done a similar move announcing they won't announce a new coach until free agency settles down aka allowing a big name to come in to play with Baron Davis and pick the coach to try to bring the organization out of the gutter. The Cavs are resorting to similar tactics and its pathetic. Boston beat them with chemistry and a deeper team. I personally think Cleveland should make LeBron an inital offer and if he doesn't accept let him fucking go or work out a sign and trade deal. They will be better off without James. Go sign Bosh and Wade and win a title and shove it in Lebron's face. Or Wade and my boy Amare down in Phoenix who just lit up the Lakers for 42 last night. I just think the city of Cleveland is pathetic for putting their lives behind LeBron and his selfish attitude. Let him go lose in New York or play in Jordan's shadow in Chicago.

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