Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celtics loss, Sox win make minor news tonight

Yeah ,yeah the Celtics lost in overtime. Big deal. They will wrap it up in Game 5 or 6 so everyone chill. The Sox finally beat the Rays to climb to a season-best 4 games over .500. Jack Bauer makes the headlines tonight as 24 had its series finale(barring an ill-advised movie as rumor has it). Jack went out the way he should have gone fighting for his life until the very end and then getting away from everyone involved. I regret that he didn't just pull the trigger on the Russian president. That is the perfect way to go out. He lives on for that potential movie as the writers never wrapped up some loose ends such as his family,if he gets out etc... I end this post with the greatest youtube video of all time minus the god awful music. Enjoy.

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