Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have a good day Lebron!

The Celtics closed out their Eastern Conference Semifinal series tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 94-85 win in game 6 at the TD Garden. The win gave the Celtics the 4-2 series victory and sent LeBron James home and into free agency without a ring. Lebron had a triple-double, as I predicted, but almost made it a quadruple double with 9 turnovers. This could end the LeBron era in Cleveland as he hits free agency July 1st and many teams have been clearing space to sign " The King".

Kevin Garnett scored 22 points and added 12 rebounds, and Rondo had 21 points and 12 assists for Boston, which will open the conference finals in Orlando on Sunday. T

The crowd chanted "New York Knicks" whenever James went to the free throw line and wore Knicks jerseys with his name on them. The only "M-V-P!" cheers were not for James, who was the league's best player in the regular season, but for Rondo, who was the best player in this series.

This night was what was expected. LeBron got his numbers but choked with 9 turnovers. His performance tonight sums up his time in Cleveland pretty well as he never won a big game. I hope for Cleveland's sake he stays because you know he is going to win 3-4 rings someday. He is just too good not to. What Cleveland needs is to fire that schmuck GM they have and make a real team not a bunch of over-paid talented, individually minded veterans. Fire the GM Ferry and give LeBron some real team talent around him. Cleveland Coach Mike Brown could stay or go. He has the right mentality but gave up with his team tonight which is a vital flaw in a coach if you want to win a title. Tonight goes to Boston though.

Maybe people will burn cars in the streets like fucking crazy French Canadians...oh wait we act like we've been there before.

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