Friday, May 14, 2010

I hate Newton College

Ok this was on Barstool Sports today(see >) and I listened to half of it before I wanted to throw up. Just another example of these kids trying to make it seem like they're from Boston and are crazy party animals. They talk about Mike's Pastries which is a fucking hour and a half T ride from their campus. You're not from Boston. You don't take on Boston cops. You take on Newton cops. The Boston cops don't even come down when you crash a jeep into the fucking green line. They just send the MBTA police because it isn't worth their fucking time. You're a bunch of spoiled pricks who would take a New York song and turn it into a Newton College remix. It is such an original idea...oh wait the song is three months old and there are thousands of remixes of it for different schools already. Come up with a better idea or shut the fuck up you stupid catholic fucks.

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