Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've Already Got the Broom Out

Not even kidding. When Paul Pierce says they are gonna finish this series at home, I believe him. The broom is already out and ready to go. So far in this Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics have been dominating this supposedly untouchable Magic team. Sure the games have been close but that's only because we feel like making the games interesting. It's no fun to just win every game by 20 points so the Celts let the Magic think they have a chance at winning, only to slam the door in the final minutes. Of course, it helps when Vince Carter chokes at the free throw line in the final minutes of the game, but no big deal. Honestly, I haven't been that impressed with this Orlando team so far. Carter has been playing decently but nothing special. Howard had a good game 2 but has not been the force he was during the regular season. Rashard Lewis has looked like absolute garbage, Jameer Nelson hasn't played like anything other than a mediocre point guard, and Matt Barnes has been completely forgettable.  Oh and JJ Redick? The same little girl he was at Duke. For the life of me I cannot understand how the Magic had not lost a game so far in the playoffs until now. They have been playing hard but have honestly not been impressive. Which leads me to believe that Paul Pierce's prediction will hold true. As El Pres over at Barstool Sports already proclaimed, "BEAT LA"!

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