Monday, May 31, 2010

Moss fires agent. enters last year of contract with Pats

Randy Moss will enter the final year of his contract without an agent. Moss fired longtime agent Tim DiPiero. Moss told the Boston Herald today that he has no intention to retire anytime soon and is simply switching agents. He thinks he is still marketable and wants to commercial deals and such. I personally think Moss can still play another 2-3 years in the NFL at a level that makes defenses respect him as a deep threat. Moss does not expect to return to the Pats after this season but I think the Pats should try to sign him for another year or two while they groom younger receivers around him. Many say they don't have the cap room with Brady and Mankins expecting contract extensions, but they could find a way to keep him in New England with those two or if they let Mankins go if his price demand doesn't come back down to Earth.

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