Friday, May 7, 2010

Sad Night in Beantown

Ok so tonight sucked for Boston sports fans. I'm not even gonna broach the Sox or the Celts. I'll leave that for quackquack. Instead I'll talk about the Bruins inability to close out the Flyers. Yeah I know they are still up 3-1 in the series. But I don't care. I'll admit I only got to watch the 3rd period and OT, but I saw enough to know how the game went. Even though the B's scored twice in the third, they got outplayed. And they got outplayed harder in OT. The Flyers, to their credit, came out playing balls to the wall. The Bruins managed to capitalize on the chances they got in the 3rd period, but inevitably the chances dried up and the Flyers won it in OT. To his credit, Tuukka Rask kept the Bruins in the game in OT. And from the highlights I saw, most of the rest of the goals weren't really his fault (I think 2 of them were pretty save-able). So this comes down to the rest of the team, not Rask. The forwards couldn't generate any offense, the defense couldn't slow or steady the Flyers attack. Every rush it seemed like Philly had a decent look or at least the opportunity to generate one. And although we outshot the Flyers tonight, it seemed like most of the shots were just slappers fired in lieu of a real offensive attack. Not winning hockey in any sense. I will excuse Mark Recchi as he came up big in the 3rd and added his first goal in the first period. Bergeron and Wideman played well too.

I'm not trashing the Bruins here. I think they will come back and close it out in Boston on Monday night. I just think it would have been nice to get a little rest before the Conference finals, as the Habs-Pens series is going at least 6 as of now. But of course the B's wanna make it more difficult on themselves. Typical for a Boston team, making their fans sweat it out...

p.s. Darrell Powe better get wrecked by Lucic, Thornton, or Chara in Game 5. Dirty hit from behind on Savard. Resulted in a boarding penalty but he still needs to pay for bullshit hits like that.

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