Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saponaris Shown the Door, Trivino Suspended

According to The Daily Free Press , brothers Victor and Vinny Saponari have been kicked off the team, and Corey Trivino has been suspended for an unknown amount of games to begin next season. Citing a BU hockey press release, the article says that the brothers and Trivino allegedly drank on Wednesday, March 17, (St. Patty's day for those of you not familiar), which was two days before the season ending Hockey East semifinal against Maine. Vinny Sap and Trivino are both underage, and the team has had a long standing rule that drinking is only allowed on Saturday nights by players of age. Parker also hints that the Saponaris were dismissed from the team for other actions "unbecoming to a Boston University hockey player".

This move by Parker seems to be his way of trying to send a message. Parker made it clear that he was unhappy with the off ice conduct of his players during the 09-10 campaign. With this punishment, he is letting it be known that underage drinking and other inappropriate actions will not be tolerated by members of his team. Let's hope the players get the message before any more punishments are handed down, because we really cannot afford to lose any more scoring power.

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