Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Potential Terrier Hockey Recruits Profiled

An Unofficial USHL Prospect Blog has begun to post draft profiles for players who may be high selections in the upcoming USHL Futures Draft (for players who may be a couple years away from playing in the league), including several U16 players who are current Terrier recruits for several years down the road. Forwards were up today:

Gavin Stoick--Plays for the Colorado Thunderbirds U16 and is currently being pursued by BU, Cornell, Harvard, Yale and Michigan, perhaps a good reflection on the kid's smarts, at least if the interested schools are any indication. He led his team in scoring this year, and is huge for his age at 6'2"/200 lbs., giving him plenty of time to learn to play his size before he hits the college ice.

Brad Hawkinson--Also from the Colorado Thunderbirds U16, currently getting interest from BU, Cornell, Denver, Harvard, Northeastern and Yale. Second on the team in scoring to Stoick. Pretty much average sized at 5'11"/175, and again, the teams he's attracting perhaps reflect smarts on and off the ice (discounting Roxbury CC on there)

According to the article, both ought to be expected to get picked in the draft and should see the USHL in the not so distant future.

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