Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sox combine on one hitter ...Lakers lose

The Sox continued their good run with a 2-0 win over the Rays tonight. The staff held the Rays to one hit throughout the whole game. Jon Lester is looking like an ace now after a rough start. The bullpen keps the Rays in check after Lester left the game due to a high pitch count. The Sox look to continue their run against the Rays tomorrow night.

The Lakers, who Obama recently picked to win it all, fell to the Suns again tonight and allowed the series to be tied up 2-2. Kobe had another great game but not enough as the Lakers look more and more beatable. Andrew Bynum probably is wishing he didn't look ahead to the Celtics now. Stupid, hurt stiff. Keep your yap shut until you have four wins in the series. The guy is an idiot.  It's going to be amazing playing against those guys again," Bynum said after practice at the team's training facility in El Segundo. "Because we lost [in 2008], we're going to have a lot of fuel and a lot of ammo. They're definitely a great team. They have great veterans on their squad. . . . The first step is closing out Game 3, and then after that, we'll be focusing."

P.S. Sorry for calling you out there Mr. President. Here is a cool video of you to make up for it. I voted for you so don't hate.

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