Friday, May 28, 2010

World Cup Preview 3

Hey ya'll back again with personally my favorite group of the World Cup, which is Group C. Group C has the USA (fuck yeah, USA, USA, USA), England (another of my favorites), Algeria, and Slovenia. I love this group. Neither team has played each other besides the USA vs. England last year and basically know nothing about each other. I predict that the USA WILL WIN their 1st match against England (heavily favored) and still come in 2nd in the group with England winning the group. I say this because the USA will also lose at least one match, but England will have a higher goal difference, which determines the winner if there is a tie.

Players to Watch:

Wayne Rooney (England/ striker): Plays for Manchester United and contributed over 30 goals this season in all competitions. He is awesome, 2nd best player in the World behind Messi. Just started to score goals this year, but what makes him so good is his ability to work without the ball and workmanship. PS- his heading the ball into goal has gotten a whole lot better.

Landon Donovan (USA/ Attacking Midfielder): the best USA player; if he plays up his ability when he was with Everton this year for a 4 month loan period than anything is possible. Not fast or skillful but just a smart player. If he plays to his ability the USA has a chance to make a run at the Cup.

PS- this is for you, David Beckham, still my favorite, sorry that you are going to miss out on the World Cup.

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