Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Hockey Championship Update

A while back I posted about the International Hockey World Championships, being held this year in Germany. The tournament has been underway for a little while, with Team USA struggling early on. The US lost its first 3 games to Germany, Finland, and Denmark. This put the US in danger of being dropped from the First Tier Hockey countries in International play. But Team USA managed to right the ship with a blowout 10-0 win over Kazakhstan. Former Terrier Matt Gilroy paced Team USA with a hat trick in the win. The US then added another win, this team a 4-0 victory of France, to solidify their International standing. Team USA finishes up with Italy on Tuesday, hoping to pull to an even 3-3 for the tournament with a victory.

Here's a Gilroy Q and A from the USA Hockey website for your reading pleasure. And in case any of you forgot what Matty Gilroy plays like...

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